My Response To A Self-Proclaimed “Investor”

To The Ghost In The Machine That Calls Himself / Herself An “Investor”…

I’m going to take my time with this response to your question because, if there’s one thing that I’m extremely good at, it’s putting an investor in their place.

1). I don’t know what’s more important: a Black man who’s starting his own scientific R&D firm that specializes in developing IISS (Informational Interpretation Scientific Software) and one of its resultant products, PIR: Premier Information Retrieval®–scientific software that will be designed for allergen detection, distinction, classification and analysis, and conducting scientific R&D that appropriates a direct benefit to the end-user (consumer); or, the “legacy” (snicker) of a [dead] man who’s known for nothing more than playing a fictional character.

2). For someone who took the time to go over the website (and I’m sure you watched the videos)–oh, and hopefully, you had enough sense to visit the mathematics and science blog, Arheliean™–the only thing you could think of, to initiate a conversation, was an “inappropriate” tweet that I, Desmond J. Watson, left on Twitter [under the start-up’s account]. Speaking of tweets, um, how come we’re not talking about the thousands of tweets I’ve left [under my personal Twitter account] in which I have dedicated time to educate a variety of people on “things scientific“? There are tweets documenting the many debates I’ve had in which I was attacked for stating my opinion on “things scientific”–and opinions are views justified by facts. But, you’re more concerned about one tweet that you view as “inappropriate and homophobic“.

What about the tweets I posted about Alan Turing?

What about the tweets I posted where I offered to debate Neil deGrasse Tyson–in person, onstage, in front of his fans and admirers?

What about the one tweet I posted back in 2012 where I embarrassed every last member of the National Society of Black Physicists?

What about the tweets [and blog posts] where I called Bill Nye “The Science Guy” a “live-action mannequin”?

Wouldn’t one think that the aforementioned are “inappropriate“, or, better said, offensive?

If you’re going to monitor someone on social media, don’t be hypocritical and half-ass it.

3). Speaking of accentuating the negative, let me speak on how people seem to gravitate towards “things non-scientific” and disregard “things scientific“, and investors, such as yourself–allegedly, because I’ve never came in contact with a no-name investor who hides behind a ghost e-mail–who willfully invest in “climate change“, wasteful ventures to Mars and the like, you all offend me and outfits the likes of Hexagon Lavish®. How can someone obtain capital from investors when you all are dumping capital, in the form of cash and credit, to “entrepreneurs” (snicker) who do nothing but waste that capital on espresso machines and wheel around their office space in go-carts? I’m not lying; all you have to do is watch an episode of “Techcrunch Cribs” and see for yourself. Are you aware that the United States was supposed to have entered its 5th-Level Economy back in the 1990s? So why is money being invested in start-ups that are in no position to help lead the U.S. into its 5th-Level Economy?

The 5th-Level Economy = R&D (Research and Development).

I bring this up since you inquired as to why you, “As an investor in life sciences…”, why someone like yourself should invest in HL®.

Answer: That’s up to you.

-Desmond (DTO™)


Desmond J. Watson is a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Hexagon Lavish®, an antiartificial scientific R&D start-up that specializes in informational interpretation software development and unique IR techniques. He also manages the blog, Arheliean. You can follow him on Twitter, @TheRealOnanel. If you're rich and want to invest in Hexagon Lavish®, then do so.


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