Desmond’s Chronicles: The Contrast Between Peter Thiel’s New Gay Identity and American Black Beta-Male Humans

I forgot to mention in the vlog that for quite some time, Peter Thiel has always envisioned himself as a Supreme Court judge. With the inevitable inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States come January, that vision just may be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, non-heteronormative Blacks in the U.S. (and perhaps, the world over) will be getting whipsawed into a frenzy while the remainder of heteronormative Black [males] will be creating new means of a “standard“. If you wish to not be a part of that “standard“, might I suggest you willfully overdose on your least favorite medication. I, Desmond J. Watson, do not identify with you nor anyone like you.

When power is given, a new identity emerges….but, all you saw….was an awkward “hand-feeling”….(personally, I wouldn’t call that a handshake)






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