P A T H O L O G Y : M A S K

The criticism-proof environment of Silicon Valley has produced a predatory culture but this is only considered as a constitutional shock to the incognizant denizens that comprise the varying populations of the Yay [Bay] Area.

Once serving as an art that fancied itself as an appetizer to the palate of the hungry entrepreneur, the financier [what we new generation types dubbed as “venture capitalists”, “institutional investors” and the like] has taken on a light anew–a light that comes off as an overcast since it’s been dirtied beyond the point where it no longer can reflect. The act of making the investment, on behalf of the financier use to be the sharpened moment of a founder’s life, but one has to inquire as to whether the founder receiving the investment is required to have something in common with the financier; something that symbolizes solidarity, loyalty [and worse of all, trustworthiness] with the individual who is a darkened representation of the sinisterly established image of generational wealth, greed and perverseness.

Promiscuity is a cult amusement to those who haven’t been afforded the recreational pleasure corporations market as “sex”, so these people have (over centuries past) congregated together in grouped action to attract satisfaction. They worship their seedy ways; it’s like religion. Beyond any definitive behavior, to them, it’s normal. It has become a pattern for all of those who wish to engage in business with them to follow, specifically to wit, the Asperger-spectra imagination of the proud founders who approach them either directly in the many Bay Area-coffeehouses or indirectly via cold e-mails. Hypnotic like the practice of Big Tech industrial showcase makeshift magic, there’s quite a few perverts who take-on the mask of a “startup founder” in order to get the energy they need (i.e., money) and once the coast is clear, bring out their true demon. The case for developing new ideas is a past-time performance now resting on the back burner. Instead of the steadfast-stare with the focus combined with the technical exhale of flint, now they harbor wanton lasciviousness and a psychopathological lust for feminine curves. For those who haven’t grasped control of themselves before the age of 35, this is the next exit route–this is where comic book-escapism fails and perversion starts to prevail.

Aside from upholding an affront to any institutional effort to enforce an “inclusive” learning environment, most financiers refrain from taking any action that would indefinitely interrupt their taste for the perverse. Enter the Epstein. A guardian of lechery, [I’m sure of it] Jeffrey Epstein, recently indicted on charges of sexually abusing and trafficking underaged girls, engages the aforementioned mask; an item of deception, evil and innumerable levels of epicurean lust. Of course, for Epstein, the mask serves as a measure of hiding a distinguished human-less expression. The mask also serves as a cover for others like him.

Memorable impressions left on near absent-minded women by renown entrepreneurs is not a strange thing, rather always occurring. As unwelcoming as the uncharacteristic behavior may have been, I question the mainstream media’s attempt to perform the illustration. Regardless of the forthcoming revelations in regards to past-acts of lechery on behalf of Epstein, white women are the face of all things lascivious. It ain’t easy to take their word seriously–on anything–especially after what they colluded to do to Bill Cosby. Epstein is an extension into the observation of immoral density of the Americanized human experience.

The Scarlet Letter-chase has become an unlicensed form of art that would only register as insensible to those who haven’t been normalized by the open parameters that society has deemed as accessible. I’m referring to how the gates of pedophilia have been basically “spreading Eagle” since the days of Rome. Sex as a necessary act for reproduction no longer falls under the categorical imperative that we’ve grown to qualify as a definition. When a purported natural process of creation order has the root cause removed and degraded to recreational and as a “pleasure step”, in comes the degradation. Enter The Andreev.

A product of the consummation of Moscow misery porn and isolation, Andrey Andreev, a entrepreneur with an inborn-pervy spirit, is the culmination of wanton lechery and white male-entitlement. A late 40s’ fuckboy, Andrey’s life isn’t a sprite examination into the livelihood of an everyday-man; instead, it is a peek into the mundane stylized example of bad poems mocking contrast between sex escapades, work-life imbalances and overcompensation in spite of lack of effort due to an unfair economical advantage. It plays-out like some sort of identification movie. Another undiscussed problem is that people like Epstein and Andreev are regarded [by a predominant white society] as intellectuals, artists and the like. Epstein for contributing millions for the sake of pseudo-scientific undertakings and Andreev for founding several startups and financing his own dating-oriented apps that have done nothing but wreak havoc on the machine of structuring social behavior.

While Badoo’s popularity grew in Europe and Latin America in the early 2010s, adoption was slow in the U.S. The American user base then was mostly Latino. Andreev would complain when he saw too many dark faces on the app—he believed it lowered the value of the brand and made it look cheap, says a former employee who worked on marketing campaigns. “Andrey was always making it clear that white was better,” says the former high-ranking executive. “If someone were to arrive a little bit late to the office and they were Latino or African, he would make comments like, ‘Well, what can you expect,’ as if people who were not white were not hardworking.” Andreev denies this: “Diversity is at the core of our brands and values.”

Source: Forbes article on Andrey Andreev

Of course by “African”, it is a stand-in for black–and by “black”, we’re really focusing on the white supremacist perspective of the American black. Most white supremacists, or “regular” white folk, see the American black as lazy and not willing to do the “right thing” and pull themselves up by the bootstrap. This isn’t just an American-white outlook on black [or Black], this is the global eyestrain locked dead-on Black [ADOS] folk. This is not a “misunderstanding” of race, people the world over are incredibly capable of taking ownership of a plentiful knowledge base as to who American Descendants of Slavery are and what we’re capable of doing. Without ADOS, the American white dominant society would not be in the position that they’re in. There is no need for ADOS to make appeal to the white American perspective; there will always be that enlarging gap in concernment of social grievance. Let it be.

We live in a world where transgressions relative to the inappropriate behavioral nature shown by the half-male humans referenced in the body of this article [thus far] ain’t so much a strange thing. It’s only strange to people who are on the outside looking in–and if you’re normal [“normal” in regards to the disciplinary standards bestowed to us by those grounded on moral compunction], in respect to the subject matter being discussed here, you should be on the outside looking in on this. I say this because we’re peering into the mentality of indecent half-humans who adorn the attire of astute businessmen–with the signature navy blue blazers, $800 turquoise Oxford shirts and other assortments acquired off of spending ten minutes on mrporter.com–but all of that is just a front. Their behavior–to them–is seen as normal. If you’re not splitting the anus of a five-year child or fucking your neighbor’s twelve-year old daughter or causing agony to your female co-workers, they think there’s something wrong with you. These half male-humans are beyond the pale of deviant, active antagonism, yet they’re being paraded around like media darlings. Where are the multitude of women to take-down Jeffrey Epstein and Andrey Andreev in the exact same manner they colluded to do to Bill Cosby?

We support women, different age groups, groups with different sexual preferences…”

–Andrey Andreev

Needless to say, the lack of appreciating the undeniable structure that appropriates a culture that’s naturally colored non-white; a culture that is greatly characterized as mischievous and “lazy”, mostly because of the presence of the diametrically opposing Black existence. The dominant society is a global monster that is fed the meat that drips the blood of a multitude of its very own victims–overly-sexualized victims. It’s a craven approach to playing identity politics and pretending as if you don’t acknowledge the genius accomplishments achieved by those who don’t look like you. This is the most identifiable characteristic that registers with the likes of an Andrey Andreev. The repair mechanism is not intact with this one. What tags along is the span of action that relates to a harbored desire to expressively engage in sexual exploitation of others around him. The slaveowners of olden times use to think on that same wavelength.

Photo by Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

So, how would you judge normality now? It’s a required inquisitive to impose upon the general masses since the normalization of crime committed on behalf of “law enforcement” (snicker) would definitely cause even your more pronounced intellectuals to hit the pause button on game-thinking the advent of social progression. I mean, why not? Your normality is the perv’s mask; what you call “perversion” is their skin. We’re probably only a few years away from open pedophilia–and these social media platforms that we currently congregate on to show-off our bodies (primarily) are the same platforms that will feature child rape–replete with advertisements. It ain’t about “sex sells…”, but the variation of “sex” that you’re selling. Also, it would behoove you to learn the pathology of business. Aside from Kevin Spacey, who by the way, is still in the classification of a “renown actor” inasmuch as he’s one of the few classical actors around who understands the parallels of dark imagery and onscreen psychosis (the other actor was the late Heath Ledger), the other two half male-humans referenced are businessmen for the sake of manipulating the introductory industrial game of ratio-relationship: commercialism : sales; |knowledge : advantage (over other people); |individual appeasement : limited likability; |authority : intimidation; and |weaponized isolation : emotional detriment. The mastery of the aforementioned entails a schooling that can only be characterized by a “yearning for an economical headstart“, and that’s interesting since it is an economical machine that is making the attempt to defrock the likes of Epstein and Andreev of their entitlements. Those entitlements include what they feel is normal–and a privilege–to engage their lecherous desires and [sexually] feast upon the meek and humble. When an aroused Epstein hops on Twitter and Instagram, what does he see?

-Desmond (DTO™)

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