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This post changes the landscape of Arheliean™.


Disclaimer: This blog post contains “colorful language” and images that may not be suitable for all viewing audiences. Use proper discretion while engaged in reading the following content. Circus Acts The viewpoint basing its eye square on the subject matter concerning reparations for Black American descendants of slaves and foundational Black Americans has been theContinue reading “ar-tih-fich-shäl”

a-Positive || Desmond vs. “Automation Gang” || I.I.

Disclaimer: No apologies will be made. Thank you. —Desmond This is supposedly the post granola-infused world where the kids are in charge of being influential to the “leaders”–those whom have become empowered by their very own imagination. The neutered, yawn-inducing, middlebrow bumpkins they are, these kids are not choosing to utilize their time to educateContinue reading “a-Positive || Desmond vs. “Automation Gang” || I.I.”


It’s said that “…you’re a nobody“, which destroys the same mythology that you’ve utilized to take time to create yourself–about yourself. It’s as unsavory as hailing from New York, California, Massachusetts, Georgia or Kansas. You’re constantly pondering on that come-up until that “tomorrow” comes to past and goes down as the worst day in the historyContinue reading “B L O O D Y”

Deconstructing Thielism, ‘Money’ and Only A Hetero-Normative Black Man Can Put Together A Startup Like HL®

Hexagon Lavish®, an exemplary startup of pallor, has grown from uno to….quite a few more scientists, engineers, programmers and presumable mathematicians–essentially, a group of individuals who gravitated towards the magnetic presence that comprises HL®–and we’re still growing. We’re growing with an insurmountable fixture of courage accompanied with a soon coming crowdfunding campaign that will beContinue reading “Deconstructing Thielism, ‘Money’ and Only A Hetero-Normative Black Man Can Put Together A Startup Like HL®”