“Professional” || Andaman Aura || Black Venture Capitalists || Skid Marks

There is a phenomenon that has taken hold on the many divisional fractures that comprise the U.S., and that phenomenon is, optimistically, in a slump in spite of the imperialistic venture into what’s observably known as neurotic American exceptionalism. This embarrassing letdown is embodied in Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg; Betsy Devos; Cindy Hyde-Smith–the list goes on.Continue reading ““Professional” || Andaman Aura || Black Venture Capitalists || Skid Marks”

a-Positive || Desmond vs. “Automation Gang” || I.I.

Disclaimer: No apologies will be made. Thank you. —Desmond This is supposedly the post granola-infused world where the kids are in charge of being influential to the “leaders”–those whom have become empowered by their very own imagination. The neutered, yawn-inducing, middlebrow bumpkins they are, these kids are not choosing to utilize their time to educateContinue reading “a-Positive || Desmond vs. “Automation Gang” || I.I.”


Whenever I see the name “Elon Musk” in the headline title of any article I read regarding Mars, solar roofs, electric car-fandom or rockets imploding during lift-off, as the sub-topic, I tend to parallel his name with that of society’s association of the word entrepreneur, however, for those of you who have read up onContinue reading “S P I N”

Our Very First Experience With The #PIR Prototype (April 10th, 2016)

This video is over eight months old, but it documents the HL® Team‘s first “collective“, hands-on experience with the [then] #PIR prototype. I’m extremely proud of my team and I’m also exhilarated considering “all things HL®” in the new year (2017)!! -Desmond (DTO™)


The HL® Team is, so far, comprised of the following individuals: Desmond J. Watson (Chief Executive Officer, Founder); Zheng Zhai (Electrical Engineer); and Robert Kulver, Ph.D.(Staff Research Scientist: Computational Physicist). I am growing increasingly ecstatic everyday about the evolution of HL®; from one independent researcher to a team of three (so far). More will beContinue reading “C R I T E R I O N”