I’d Rather For HL® To Be Revolutionary, Not Disruptive

This is why you, investors, should invest pour your money into HL®.

I don’t know how many times I’ve stated this but, HL® is a scientific R&D startup that specializes in the development of IISS (Informational Interpretation Scientific Software), and one of the resultant products from that platform is PIR™; scientific software that will be designed for allergen detection, distinction, classification and analysis.

Now, tell me something….help me out here….why would a startup, that’s centered around the theme of utilizing scientific R&D for the purpose of providing people with products designed to help them, struggle to obtain capital? Is it because you have individuals, who have the means to provide said capital for HL®, but would rather dump cash [and credit] into bottomless pits the likes of social media, “CPU efficiency” (snicker), wheeling go-carts around the office (for a profit), Space X, dumping billions of dollars into constructing “highly advanced” robotic-crap, clinical lung cancer “research”, “HIV research” (snicker), $10 grilled-cheese-sandwich-joints-by-way-of-Silly Con Valley, strap-ons endorsed by Bruce Jenner, TED Talks [All About Some Dumb, Unrealistic Shit], comic books and Star Trek fandom?

If you can give a group of “scientists” (snicker) billions of dollars to spend years searching for a particle [that never existed, by the way], and call that “research”, only to realize that you’ve thrown money away at a pipe dream, and yet, here’s a startup addressing an issue that directly affects people (i.e., allergies) and yet can’t get any capital, there is a problem.

Bill Gurley needs to sit his self down. Folks, this is a man who invested in the new Enron that we know as Uber–and now he’s complaining about the valley of the dead “unicorns”. Playa, I value HL® in the billions of dollars as well. Do you have a problem with that? Does it get under your skin the same way a convicted child molester gets under the skin of Afterschool America? How do you, and so many others of your ilk, value a company at $10 billion dollars or more BEFORE they’re generating revenue? What’s a measly $2.85B pre-money valuation to you anyways? How about this? How about I do everyone a humongous favor and devalue HL®? After all, this startup is only engaging in R&D projects to express the human body mathematically. Everyone has done that. We’re just the 3,516,435th startup to do so. It’s all about that iteration, old man. **Sarcasm**

Reid Hoffman, no matter how much weight you seemingly “lost” (snicker), to me, you’ll always be the former incarnation of Jared Fogle in his pre-Subway days. I always wondered what a member of the Fat Boys would have looked like if [he] were white. Homie, you’re him. LinkedIn is nothing more than a necessary shit-fest.

Peter Thiel. Folks, here’s a male-human who considers himself a “contrarian” [in biotechnology]. Too bad a project the magnitude of PIR™ isn’t biotech-oriented. The project has nothing in common with genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is pointless in approach of including chemical compositions (plural) of individuals utilizing software to better understand the causes (plural) of immunological disorders. Contrast that with an unspoken “unicorn” like Counsyl, a private company out of Silly Con Valley Silicon Valley that was funded to play around with genes. Thiel’s on his “Demolition Man” steez; signing up for cyronic freezing. You see, if there’s one thing that boggles my mind, it’s the fact that some people are afraid of death. “Anti-aging research” (snicker) is proof of that contention.

After all, Death is a factor that all of us have to deal with. Just ask the young man featured in the article up-top.