“A D V I C E”

As a startup co-founder, I’ve never taken heed to the words of an investor who’s never expressed a DIRECT interest in Hexagon Lavish®. In fact, it’s disrespectful for someone on the outside looking in to impart that little Pixar®-excursion in their head that they deem as “advice” onto those who willfully stay up to 4 a.m. laying the foundation.

I’m not intrigued by how someone made it as a financier.

The #1 reason why I do not listen to the “advice” of angel investors and VCs is also the #1 reason why startups fail and that is not acquiring enough capital from investors. I’m not impressed by investors’ fabled stories of struggling childhoods and rising from the ghettos to living in the lap of luxury. All I have to do is go on Info Minds’ YouTube channel and watch video after video of drug-dealing niggas getting themselves killed while “flossin’ in the ‘hood“. I’m not one to tell someone else what to do with their money, but if that ’87 stick-up kid money had been parlayed into setting up Black-owned, Black-controlled venture capital firms [back] THEN, there wouldn’t be a need for “diversity and inclusion” (whatever that means) programs, “BLCK VC” and what have you.

A group of angel investors, collectively, gives you $2.5 million but the amount of AUM (assets under management) that you need for ONE experienced employee is $10 million–and you have 15+ employees, right? Sounds like a serious case of being undercapitalized.

Not having adequate funding is the #1 reason startups fail. No need to take heed to a VC’s infinite words of “wisdom”. Do VCs offer their “advice” on how to avoid the frictional costs of bankruptcy? How about knowing the matter of financially hedging oneself adequately against uncertainty? What models or model parameters would they suggest? **If I intend to hire someone at a per annum base salary of $150,000, what would be, in totality, the labor costs?**


As an investor, VC, financier, etc., the only definitive purpose you serve is to cut the check. Oh, I forgot, you have experience as a startup founder? Great, but guess what? Your “advice” is P-O-I-N-T-L-E-S-S! Someone who sees fit to dump $1B into OpenAI can’t give me “advice” on Hexagon Lavish®. I mean, how on Earth can you advise me on informational interpretation when I’m the one who gave you all the definition in the first place? It ain’t hard to tell that a well-informed angel investor or a skilled VC would see informational interpretation and [willfully] misinterpret that as “artificial intelligence”. The two are mutually exclusive. See, here, I’ll give Warren Buffett some credit but I’ll paraphrase it so the intent conveyed hits home: it’s best to not invest in something that you’re not willing to attempt to understand or, at the least bit, try to comprehend. Everything that concerns software, algorithms and the like are not all categorized under the umbrella of “artificial intelligence” and/or automation. These are the same bankrolling morons who believe that, on a societal level, it is better to have one person killed by automation than three killed by human error. Even with the [current] minute inaccuracies on behalf of informational interpretation implementation, no one can be killed by it, but, for some reason, that does not entice the deep pockets of so-called financiers.

As an aside, the low-hanging fruit for “autonomous” driving that should happen sooner than later that has an economic incentive is long-haul trucking and the transport of goods in general. The machines will cut their teeth driving on difficult terrain running farms and mines. Personally, I can’t imagine human drivers allowing themselves to be subverted by automation [besides the psychological-surrender of one’s independence] but also accounting for the fact that the “struggle” between complexity and the KISS principle will just never end. So, there’s some sound advice. Will anyone take heed? Most likely not since automation isn’t exactly my domain of expertise. Informational interpretation is, yet, I cannot say what exactly will its role be in regards to automation since experimentation to do so is costly, and since no financier has the gall to show face and say, “Hey, let’s get this underway, shall we?“, I guess we’ll all have to sit here and ponder hypothetically on, “what if….”. But, look on the bright side, I am the world’s only expert on informational interpretation, so if you want some advice….

-Desmond (DTO™)

**Trick question, because I already know the answer…**