I have to judge the illusion of “Homer” using 9th Century BCE knowledge, not 21st Century CE knowledge. Herodotus maintained that “Homer” couldn’t have lived more than 400 years before his time, yet, how reliable are any Greek accounts? Moreover, how reliable were the Greeks as an authority on–anything? Herodotus likes to call people “barbarians” yet compared to Kemet (what the Arabs called “Egypt”) and Mesopotamia, the Greeks were the barbarians.

It is impossible to conclude that the equinoxes precess unless you know the Earth is a sphere and we have a heliocentric solar system. So, where are the Greek observatories?

Answer: Well, I guess there aren’t any since “Greek observatories” is an oxymoron.

Most people (I guess you can call them “archaeologists”) would presume that a sign of intelligence [historically speaking] is indicated by a civilization’s admiration of space. As an example, the people who built Stonehenge understood solar and lunar movements [supposedly]. Well, so did the Dacians, but not the Greeks. We know this because, again, “Greek observatories” is an oxymoron. They [Greeks] couldn’t have built a solunar observatory if their lives depended on it. I guess, this is exemplified by the fact that the Greeks were under Kemetian (Egyptian) rule for over three consecutive generations [understandably so since it took the Kemetians three consecutive generations before they could find ONE Greek that they could teach]. What little the Greeks did know derived from sojourning to and fro Kemet as well as others who studied in Kemet for 3-12 years (i.e., Plato and his uncle Solon). The Greeks didn’t perform cataract surgery because they didn’t know what cataracts were and they didn’t perform any other types of surgeries since they’re understanding of human anatomy was nil, however the Mesopotamians didn’t falter with their comprehension of the human body.

Ay, Homer…you never existed, mawfucka…

What about sexagesimal mathematics? You have to cite the Kemetians for that (for starters, their 13-month/moon calendar) because the Greeks could not figure out the Base 60 number system. Don’t look at me because it takes a fair amount of intellect to grasp Octal, Binary, Base 12, Base 16 and so forth. But, for the Greeks, it left them looking like “The Donald”.

This Greek paradigm, that Greece was the first civilization, is still being taught elementary, middle schools and high schools, and even at universities, though factually incorrect. This prevailing lie that scholastic bastards “did not know” that there were older civilizations until the 19th Century is such a risible statement. The British Museum has over 130,000 texts but only around 3,000 have been translated. Do we blame laziness or ineptitude? I’ll throw my money on the latter. “Greece first” is the gasoline to the log of white supremacy.

I stated before about the illusion of “Homer” because it’s unlikely that someone as idiotic as him could have ever existed. The poems notably attribute to the pseudonym “Homer” (Iliad and Odyssey) are classically Proto-Indo-European, meaning those same stories are told in India, in the Baltics, Scandinavia and of course, the Germanic tribes as well as others largely European. Oral traditions are TOLD for centuries before they’re ever written down, and, like most text, it gets changed around to reflect the concurrent political/social commentary and economic realities of the time. This is how the Old Testament and New Testament came about.

The Price of “Peace”

Determinists believe that the world hasn’t seen this much “peace” since the Pax Romona. I would have to exclude the obvious racial conflicts that plague the world though in order to even take into consideration of siding with this obnoxious worldview since determinists also claim that, since 1900, there have been fewer wars and international conflicts with fewer military and civilian deaths and less destructive forces applied to economies and environments the world over. In the scope of a determinist’s lens, the world only appears to be dangerous because the U.S. constantly overstates, overhypes and propagandizes threats for economic and political reasons.

Truth of the matter is, Americans are no more than 5% of the global population yet consumes 32% of the world’s non-oil resources. If 300 million [out of 1 billion] Indians and 300 million [out of 1.5 billion] Chinese consumed in the same manner that Americans do, then the math gets ridiculous:

32% + 32% + 32% = 96%

That leaves just a measly 4% left for the other 190 countries to scour over the 4% of the crumbs, scraps and dregs left.

Understand the point of all the hype and propaganda: they are utilized so the U.S. can gain total control of all the world’s resources and ensure that Americans can consume 32%, and in the future 34% and 35% and 43%…,because, as we all know, the infamous Caucasian-American outcry, “I’m white and I say so…”.

“The War on Terror” is a clever moniker, because it’s mobile, correct? I mean terrorists can be in any country at any give time and the U.S. needs to protect the U.S. and the rest of the world from terrorists, right? This is the nonsensical backbone that Americans [not including #ADOS] use to affix their posture. You can always find your individual egotistic personality needs here in the Western world, if that’s your heart’s desire. America’s quest for “peace” is a deception piecemeal that masquerades as “humanitarian crisis” platitudes only to succumb to its own self-imposing piety.

-Desmond (DTO™)