Americanized Failure

Folks, we live in a world that currently hosts a global population of people who [I would imagine at least 85%] are unfit to produce a subsequent generation that could actually transition this contemporaneous aging group into the “next golden era“; a revolutionary renaissance steadfast on improving the cyclical conditions that govern all of our daily routines and mundane motives; a motif oasis befit with the most appealing distinctive features that we long to impose as an invisible, God-like handling on the characteristics that comprise every fiber of our very existential, individualized residence on this very planet we call “home”. 

Breaking down pass the faux-Aristotelian poetic, we’re mostly too damn stupid to live accordingly by that definition, so we have to settle for the flailing American standards–and by doing so, the insufferable consequence of the aforementioned action is that we get to live a short life. Personally, I pray that the “haters” meet their demise by way of extinction-level aneurysms–and by “haters”, I’m not referring to those who live outside of the United States looking in on us. This grand, americanized-branded, low-level bitch status has suffered an even more precipitous decline in the past few months alone (cite your recently expired presidential campaign as a source): ethnocentric viewpoints championed by uncultured hicks deluded by illusions of grandeur [accompanied by varying semi-auto gun calibers]; conscious elevation of stylized-Nazi environs; Americans who hold possession of single-digit IQs; Blacks who are too shook to push a race soldier’s wig back after being met with racially-endorsed hostility; political indecisiveness; and rampant displays of infantile ramblings from would-be constitutional leadership. The exclamation point perks up from the mucky grounds of ethnocentrism whenever “whiteys” open their collective mouth, and it’s evident by their inability to distinguish between Black people as disparate as Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson. Damn near famished by their discontented hunger for roadkill-cuisine only to be combined with a relentless thirst for “power” (snicker)–the kind of “power” that can be hammered down with the thrust of disdain coming from either “across the pond” or from afar. This present “era of the bigot” has amassed to a damaging weight; a damaging weight that needs to be held in the hand of the rebel and hurled through the glass menagerie that’s the current shield for the United States–and that shield is going to get shattered to smithereens.

That shield is the de facto international currency of trade known colloquially by the economics-challenged American denizens as “paper“, or, the U.S. Dollar. Stating your subscription to The Economist doesn’t do any good if you’re learning-disabled and incapable of harboring an intellect that permits you the means to discern between penmanship orchestrated and directed by the incitement of being forthright from aiding and abetting The Lie™ that 3rd-level economic “jobs” (snicker) are going to be brought back by a suspect, male-human, Commander-in-Chief whose mastery of fussbudget-laden oratory is accompanied by fantasy escapism [that’s not virtual reality], antiquated political maxims, gas-face expressions and apex racial prejudice that carries a sexist tag-along declaration about a woman’s womb, in sync with an assortment of umbrage stew. Trump is the flaccid face of failure only to play as the future cover of an American let-down that will serve as the global microscope for those in China, India, Brasil, Russia and Africa to hone-in. Seriously, it shouldn’t take a scientific study to confirm this very basic fact. 

I stated here on Arheliean months ago that no rational-thinking person would ever consider casting a vote for either Clinton or Trump, but, as usual, my wise words go unheard. Rather, the vast majority have stoked the flames of racism until the flames turned on them to burn them. Mistakingly proclaiming the virtues of women as inalienable and willingly go through the gauntlet to castigate anyone who dared to think otherwise–and now, your intellectual vaginas have been pounded into sand that will be recorded to stand the test of time. 

There’s no other word more American than the word failure. Your typical imbecile, miseducated-by-the-American-approach to “education” is asked, “How long does it take for light from the Sun to reach Earth?” While he or she sits [or stands] there dumfounded, those who “get it” are the ones fit to lead. But right now, [American] society accepts those who fail as the people–these icons–who will be the leaders. So, those who are fit to lead, will always be overlooked in favor of the humanistic failure, and, the world over has learned to embrace these failures. You embrace them in your institutions including the various colleges/universities (especially banks), you embrace them when you hand them loans to take out a mortgage on a home [that they can’t even afford], you embrace them when you hand over loans for expensive vehicles, hell, you even embrace them when you hand them over business loans. However, this isn’t just you embracing an entity that can never evolve into Entity+; you all, collectively, personify the U.S. embracing its inevitable future. Oh wait, it already did, back in the mid-1990s, when the country refused to transition its economy from the 4th-level (technology) to the 5th-level (pure R&D). Now, American economic immobility has been cemented by the formation of the new Nazi regime chiefed by Goëbbels-inspired, Trumpaholic Stephen Bannon; a middle-aged prodigy of the suicided Andrew Breitbart who shares pairs of underwear dickholed by his doppelgänger-in-a-wig Rosie O’Donnell. Bannon, as a white male with a cheese-dimpled face, it ain’t hard to tell that watching child pornography keeps his Saturdays busy–all day long. There has to be some sort of new narcotic that has ran a spiritual experience through the minds of the American masses and left its mark in the form of a holed-brain excavated by an overwhelmingly influential presence. Call it an overdose; call it whatever, but what remains after the psychedelic rapture has subsided–is a failure.

A  failed federal republic, now shadowed by the unstoppable rise of developing and emerging states and, concurrently, the de facto international currency of trade anchored by the nightmare of an inevitable unified Asian currency; trouble would be a befitting descriptive–if this were the late 1990s. Instead, doom spells it out for you–for all of you–for every last one of you. Rather, trouble is what describes me (Desmond). That’s right; I’m trouble, but I’m not the entity that can bring about doom. The laws of economics will take care of that, especially since the epitome of failure [also known as the United States of America] has conceded its will of the ol’ original “can-do” spirit to the lackadaisical dead effort we see today. Someone tell Tracy Chou that she can cry about it, but nothing is going to change in America unless a hetero-normative Black man does something about it. See, only a hetero-normative Black man can fight-off white supremacy, and with Dunce Cap Extraordinaire™ Donald J. Trump, as the future President, “part-time in the White House“, it would seem appropriately diligent for someone to either hop over the gates of the White House lawn, wearing not only an “X” hat but also a Malcolm X Halloween mask with a Weatherby “Vanguard” stylized in .270 caliber missioned with the intent to push “The Donald’s” toupé back or violate one of NYC’s latest “no-fly zones” and surround the Trump Tower with groups of armed drone attacks capable of taking out, at a minimum, 100,000 Manhattanite-trash around Fifth Avenue. 

I’m certain that well over 53% of the U.S. population is basking in joy, enraptured in-the-know that their current position is seemingly “solidifiedas a framed state of mind; an anti-materialist “safe space” free from the abrasive criticisms of scientific significance that does not rely on the Eurocentric-observation rule of thought; a blanked platform from which no string of Reality™ can be strewn. These super-suburbanites adamantly represent Americanized failure, and the [global] general public is only beginning to fill-up their buckets of popcorn as they get “comfy” for a front seat-presentation where Americans will be greeted with demonstrable demise; a perpetual-decrementing “quality of living”; and a collective face left with the expression of surprise as they watch what’s left of 3rd-level economic “jobs” (hard manufacturing) leave for the cost-effective margins of China and India. Expressing “Make America Great Again” soon will register with the pedestrian utterances of some milquetoast, provincial, run-of-the-mill Midwesterner with a knack for them red hats, nahmean? Subsisting on grits and pig lard might sound HLB (High-Level Boastfulness) to peckerwood, four-elements enthusiasts from Oklahoma but those of us whose fashion sensibilities aren’t stuck-in 1962, we’re on the mission to move onto greener pastures.

-Desmond (DTO™)