What you are witnessing is the genesis of a reaction to the status quo. This is an omnidimensional approach to the “intervening agency” you’ve all come to know as media. More than just serving a long dry need to be an alternative; more than just the other side of social mores, political commentary, ecclesiastical comprehension of “laws”, the placation of demographical citizenry, typical misunderstanding of miscalculated implementation of “new” technology, mass killings [courtesy of a white supremacist-apologist government], gender-fluid confusion foisted upon various populations and so forth.

This is a big splash into the pool’s deep-end where logic greets non-Buñuelian eccentricity with a slap. Arheliean™ Media is not a bohemian-respite; this isn’t a playground for random trains of thought. Rather, this is the humble beginning of a specific brand of media focused on the rebirth of scientific materialism.

-Desmond (DTO™)