Disclaimer: This blog post contains “colorful language” and images that may not be suitable for all viewing audiences. Use proper discretion while engaged in reading the following content. Circus Acts The viewpoint basing its eye square on the subject matter concerning reparations for Black American descendants of slaves and foundational Black Americans has been theContinue reading “ar-tih-fich-shäl”

“Professional” || Andaman Aura || Black Venture Capitalists || Skid Marks

There is a phenomenon that has taken hold on the many divisional fractures that comprise the U.S., and that phenomenon is, optimistically, in a slump in spite of the imperialistic venture into what’s observably known as neurotic American exceptionalism. This embarrassing letdown is embodied in Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg; Betsy Devos; Cindy Hyde-Smith–the list goes on.Continue reading ““Professional” || Andaman Aura || Black Venture Capitalists || Skid Marks”

a-Positive || Desmond vs. “Automation Gang” || I.I.

Disclaimer: No apologies will be made. Thank you. —Desmond This is supposedly the post granola-infused world where the kids are in charge of being influential to the “leaders”–those whom have become empowered by their very own imagination. The neutered, yawn-inducing, middlebrow bumpkins they are, these kids are not choosing to utilize their time to educateContinue reading “a-Positive || Desmond vs. “Automation Gang” || I.I.”


Whenever I see the name “Elon Musk” in the headline title of any article I read regarding Mars, solar roofs, electric car-fandom or rockets imploding during lift-off, as the sub-topic, I tend to parallel his name with that of society’s association of the word entrepreneur, however, for those of you who have read up onContinue reading “S P I N”

Our Very First Experience With The #PIR Prototype (April 10th, 2016)

This video is over eight months old, but it documents the HL® Team‘s first “collective“, hands-on experience with the [then] #PIR prototype. I’m extremely proud of my team and I’m also exhilarated considering “all things HL®” in the new year (2017)!! -Desmond (DTO™)