Chronicles of The Great, Global Bitch-Boy Smackdown Pt. 1: John Rampton, Entrepreneur ‘Ragazine’ and A Masochistic Perspective

Last month (September 2014), an acquaintance of mine sent me a link via e-mail to an article written in Sensual Pillow-Biter Monthly aka Entrepreneur magazine…well, actually it was posted on the online version of the “ragazine” (that’s right, I typed “ragazine”). The article was penned by “entrepreneur” (snicker) and “investor” (snicker), John Rampton. The titleContinue reading “Chronicles of The Great, Global Bitch-Boy Smackdown Pt. 1: John Rampton, Entrepreneur ‘Ragazine’ and A Masochistic Perspective”


The HL® Team is, so far, comprised of the following individuals: Desmond J. Watson (Chief Executive Officer, Founder); Zheng Zhai (Electrical Engineer); and Robert Kulver, Ph.D.(Staff Research Scientist: Computational Physicist). I am growing increasingly ecstatic everyday about the evolution of HL®; from one independent researcher to a team of three (so far). More will beContinue reading “C R I T E R I O N”

High IQs, Child Prodigies, First Exposure And How The Game Is Played

I just recently hired my first employee, an electrical engineer out of Chicago, Illinois, but don’t get it twisted. This person isn’t American, which shouldn’t be a shock to anyone reading this since the world over–especially the science experts from the Great Down Under–know that Americans are getting whipsawed out of job-after-job-after-job-after-job. When it comesContinue reading “High IQs, Child Prodigies, First Exposure And How The Game Is Played”


In the real world, no one knows exactly what the “true model” of gravity is but physicists are aware that in most situations it [gravity] is reminiscent of Newtonian gravity, and, under every situation that has been measured, gravity resembles general relativity. Let’s say, you don’t agree with that observation–do know that I don’t careContinue reading “G R A V I T Y”

I’m Just Askin’…

Disclaimer: Coarse language and harsh references that may or may not cause a disruption (or whatever) in the sensibilities that course through your veins are displayed in this blog post. You may want to refrain from further reading if you do not have something to protect your face from knee-jerk reactions that may possibly occur.Continue reading “I’m Just Askin’…”


Oxygen accounts for ~20-21% of the Earth’s atmosphere, right? So, what does that say about [free] hydrogen? “Free” hydrogen is pretty much nonexistent. Hydrogen is highly reactive and it will form a compound with almost anything close to it. Now, when you think of water, H2O is what comes to mind, therefore, where does waterContinue reading “W A T E R”