I’m Just Askin’…

Disclaimer: Coarse language and harsh references that may or may not cause a disruption (or whatever) in the sensibilities that course through your veins are displayed in this blog post. You may want to refrain from further reading if you do not have something to protect your face from knee-jerk reactions that may possibly occur. Be advised before you decide to read on.

It seems to me that, in 2014, I’ll have to become a little bit more confrontational–and nothing’s more confrontational than hitting people upside their heads with penetrating inquiries that are informal and habitually “cross the line”. In other words, I have to intentionally get on peoples’ nerves just so they’ll know how serious I will be–in 2014–and from here on out. The reason why I stress this is because it looks to me that this will be another year in which we’ll hear about: falsified progress being made in AIDS “research”; more exoplanets and “super Earths” being found around red dwarf stars; more insufferable college graduates complaining about chronic unemployment; more about Curiosity roaming around a dead planet; rampant Obamacare confusion; and what have you.

In the meantime, I have a couple of questions for you:

  • Are any scientists going to accept my challenge that I have offered twice on Twitter already and debate me on “things nuclear” in 2014?
  • Is 2014 going to be another year in which American scientific publications will be laughed at by people who live in countries where scientific credibility is nonexistent, such as Australia?
  • Do people really believe that our planet Earth is approximately 93 million miles away from the Sun, in 2014, when in fact the Earth began moving away from the Sun back in January of last year (2013) after reaching its closest apogee to the Sun (approximately 91.7 million miles) and due to a relatively unknown-to-all-of-you-because-you-don’t-know-science phenomena called the Milankovitch cycle (the Earth’s orbit is elliptical, not circular), the Earth will gradually get as far as 96 million miles away from the Sun over the course of the next 100,000 to 150,000 years?
  • What’s the point of trying to persuade kids to pursue STEM careers, in 2014, when American scientists are so incompetent that they do not know that the Earth’s perigee point is [relatively] fixed and its apogee is what constantly changes?
  • Are engineers and scientists going to admit that they have wasted billions of dollars chasing after a ghost, devising the hoax now known as “climate change”–billions of dollars that could have gone towards developing better and cheaper pollution controls or an better engine and propulsion technology (since you know, you can’t leave Earth using solar energy and wind power), in 2014?
  • Is an airplane going to run out of gas, descend from 30,000 feet in the sky and fall upon Bill Nye, in 2014?
  • Out of nine applicants that have applied for various positions at The Hexagon Lavish, seven of them are foreign nationals. Will Americans with tertiary degrees finally admit that the only math that they’re able to do is 2 + 2 = 4, in 2014?
  • Are some white people going to finally admit that they’re intimidated by Black men that are knowledgeable in mathematics and science in 2014?
  • Will Negroes get use to the fact that “Black intelligentsia” only exists in an individualistic form, in 2014?
  • Will “Native Americans” (snicker) muster up the courage to admit that European settlers didn’t take “their” land away from them but, in accordance to both international law and customary law, actually paid “Native Americans” (snicker) for the land (in the New England area) since the land was settled (i.e., there were fences, wells, etc.,), in 2014?
  • Is the Federation of American Scientists going to admit that their only means of survival rests on the collective stupidity of Americans to believe in the hoax called “climate change” and have left the task of teaching the unwashed masses that the Sun is in the current solar minimum phase in which solar flare activity decreases and that Earth began moving further away from the Sun as a “means of protecting itself” when the Sun goes into its solar maximum phase, in 2014?
  • Will scientists worldwide admit to the general public that CO2 is methane, not a “greenhouse” gas, and that Mt. St. Helens released more CO2 into the upper atmosphere (above the troposphere) than mankind has in their entire existence, in 2014?
  • Will highly impressionable whites, Asians and East Indians, in their teens and twenties, flock to a particular school hall lecture to hear their favorite astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, describe to them, in exhilarating fashion, the dynamics of Thor’s hammer right as he succumbs to an aneurysm and falls over in slow motion to the floor with his eyes wide open and teeth showing with a half-eaten granola bar rolling out his coat pocket, in 2014?
  • For those of you who are engaged, is 2014 going to be another year in which your drama-filled lives will unfold in front of the world via social media?
  • Will Negroes go from rapping lyrics to wrapping sandwiches in 2014?
  • Are teachers, school administrators, adults in general, going to continue to try to motivate young people that WANT to commit violent acts to do better for themselves when in actuality there’s absolutely nothing salvific about them, and at the same time, ignore the young people who are already doing things to better themselves, in 2014?
  • Will the National Society of Black Physicists apologize to me for blocking me on Twitter back in 2012 when all I did was ask them if they knew whether or not a Hamiltonian could be in a fixed state, and, will they finally confess that they had (and still don’t) no idea of what I was referring to, in 2014?
  • Will the Department of Education continue to give $120,000 worth in student loans to idiots who scored a 400 on their SATs in 2014?
  • Speaking of school and all, are Liberal-ass mawfuckas going to admit how stupid it was to put “Earth science” in public, private, charter, magnet, etc., schools’ curriculum, in 2014?
  • Is the Planetary Society going to admit that SO2 (sulfur dioxide) is opaque (unlike CO2, which is transparent), meaning that SO2 reflects and scatters ultraviolet radiation back into space but it also reflects and scatters ultraviolet radiation from Earth back to Earth and that this is the reason why the Earth gradually (not suddenly) cools, in 2014?



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