Reparations is a birthright for Black ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery); not a privilege for immigrants or “all people”. The existence of Black ADOS is not for the appeasement to white people, so the charade that took place yesterday, I haven’t much to say about it except that after listening to Jason Black’s take on it…there’s not much of a surprise.

Black folks–we tend to have this overlapping, anaclitic lean on celebrities, anonymously pronounced “writers”, and athletes–and their perspectives upon the concurrent social climate and we wonder why we “cannot” take any opportunity seriously. Instead of acclimating our anticipation in the direction of mathematicians and scientists (the bones of George Washington Carver lie crying from the grave), we’re seen [by those on the “outside looking in”] holding celebrities and athletes as the pinnacle of “Black excellence”. However, even if we were to hold the Booker T. Washingtons, George Washington Carvers and the Lewis Lattimers in high regards, I can tell that they wouldn’t hold onto the “top spot” forever since–as June 19th’s “anti-reparations” discussion showcased, black (lowercase “b”) folks can’t stay focused on our birthright (reparations = cash payments–and more). The zombified “black” state has turned-out and is now self-absorbed, directed to munch on its very own ordinary citizenry. Reparations does not represent the dissolution between Black and white; that dissolution is the current frame of the world over. Reparations is the birthright preserved exclusively for the descendants of the Blacks (ADOS) whom were wrongfully locked to the slave blocks that established the mountainous wealth generated from their (Blacks) free labor that spanned several centuries before it “ceased” on what we now recognize as Juneteenth.

Photograph by Gabriella Demczuk / NYT / Redux

Ta-Nehisi Coates personified uncharacteristic banality. He’s an orator? In what universe? Tell the name of that universe so I can change it. He was heavily unarmed against the white supremacist-supported, American-branded political animus that subtly clapped back at his quaint acquiescence. When the case is for the money [held back from you], you can’t get up there and state that you’re not there for the “check”. The “check” is what’s needed but you want to cast it off. Generational poverty is here to stay thanks to Coates. He’s a moist pillow-biter who more than likely prefers to sit with his legs crossed reading Oscar Wilde excerpts by the window in a half-empty Starbucks–contemplating on playing with Mitch McConnell’s dead squirrel.

The onstage rehearsal that we saw take place the other day signifies the demonization phase that is concurrently in action now against Black American Descendants of Slaves–and I have to emphasize BLACK because if reparations are passed down to those descendants of slaves, wave after wave after wave of fraudulent hearted non-Blacks will pile-in proclaiming how their bloodline has a smidge of “black” in it. This is part and parcel of what I like to express as “old game”. A significant characteristic of “old game” is to eliminate the equation of the reason as to why things are the way they are.

Peckerwoods and queer-ofays like to say that the Civil War stands as a candidate to substitute for reparations for Black ADOS / Foundational Black Americans because “countless” of [white] Americans sacrificed themselves to free slaves. Understand something, when people try to tell you that the Civil Was “wasn’t” over slavery, those are the same people who [when they’re not molesting their neighbor’s kid] are know damn well that over 80% of the federal government’s revenues [at the time of the War] were generated in the South–where the “cash crops” grew and were harvested–namely tobacco and cotton. Those crops were harvested by slaves–Black slaves. The North (Union) realized that without the South, the country would sink–economically speaking. So, with the South threatening to secede from the Union (North), you can see why the War came to pass. Yes, it was over slavery, because without slavery the U.S. had NO economy to stand on. So, every cent of wealth these white folks clammer over was generated from the blood-saturated hands of the ancestors of Black ADOS.

In reference back to celebrities, enter Murtaugh–I mean, Danny Glover, speaking from the panel of the “nightmare dead”, it wasn’t long before the character-actor spirit came through and he began to lull everyone to sleep. Now, he’s endorsing Bernie Sanders. To stand firm as a figment of a reprehensible act committed is to make light of the birthright reserved by ancestral guide for Black ADOS / Foundational Black Americans; not so some god-damn Pakistanis can drive an Uber through Manhattan. That’s not what reparations is for. The “check” is what’s needed for Black ADOS / Foundational Black Americans.

So, in the end, because I don’t need to spend more time speaking on this after I’ve already spoken in reference to reparations this month, but I will say that the “show” from the other day shouldn’t be a surprise for Black ADOS / Foundational Black Americans. This is the world we’re living in–and the world will not change on its own accord–Black ADOS will have to force a change to occur.

That’s the look of a scared mawfucka….
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Desmond (DTO™)