Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Tim “Chaos” Cook do an interview months back where he exclaimed (and I’ll paraphrase), “being gay was the greatest gift from God“, or something relative to that nature? So, what Tim stated is that there’s something divine about longing to stick his tongue in the rectum of another man. A mental instability such as “being gay” would deduce that oneself is chaotic, right? I’m talking about psychological antimatter here.

I likened chaos to the veneer of Space inasmuch as once the veneer that’s keeping the planets in equilibrium is removed (i.e. destroyed), then C H A O S ensues.

The late William Shockley, proud proponent of eugenics.

The late William Shockley is considered the “father of Silicon Valley”–the same late William Shockley who debated the late Dr. Francis Cress Welsing on the Tony Brown Journal back in the ’70s where he stood firmly on his stance that blacks suffered from an low I.Q.-deficiency in comparison to their white counterparts. Additionally, Shockley was a proponent of eugenics and specified that the scientific community should pressure society to enact detrimental policies if “he was proven right“. If “daddy’s” outlook is covered in bigot-sauce, then the outlook is a dish being served cold. This is why venture capital-stalwarts such as Chamath Palihapitiya have stated before that “…a black person cannot go on Sand Hill Road and get funded“. I can see why Silicon Valley is chaotic but not for the same ethnocentric-viewpoints emanating from Cook.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, making a commencement speech to another generation of do-nothing Stanford graduates. Photo courtesy of L.A. Cicero.

Technology itself is not chaotic since the origin of market chaos stems from consumer demand, but you also have to distinguish between the generations of your consumer markets. For example, take a look at the difference between the “Boomer” generation, “Millennials” and “Generation-Y [Why] work”. The “Boomer” generation were raised in the concrete world where material things are important to them. “Millennials” were raised in the fabricated “virtual world” of the Internet, which explains the Elon-worship. “Generation-Y [Why] work” grew up knowing only technology and their entire lives revolve around it. You can’t say that about the “Boomer” generation; they didn’t have the Internet when they were in their 20s. The global environments the two groups were raised and came of age in are literally worlds apart. C H A O S arises because neither of the two groups uphold the same values.

Depiction of Gen-Y consumers. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Consumer demand is inductive of chaos. When the mean income in the U.S. is over $50,000 (only 8.7% of workers earn $100,000 or more), it squares nicely with a supposed $60,000, so you’ll be hard-pressed to express that wages aren’t rising or people are being underpaid. So, the argument that people “can’t afford” consumer products is null and void. It’s not so much these so-called “high prices”, it’s the fact that consumers do not want to pay those “high prices”. People do not see the cost of things; they’ll just complain. Consumers are also the reason why product perverseness takes precedent as well. Silicon Valley has also adopted chaotic means of pricing methodologies. With the incorporation of psychological pricing it doesn’t take a PhD in Sociology to figure out how this supposed “chaos” is going to play out.

–Desmond (DTO™)