My Response To Lana Hindieh For My Startup Hero Disqualification

On the contrary, I am not disqualified from Startup Hero since use of “foul language” does not violate any of the terms and conditions of Startup Hero.

You, on the other hand, are too incompetent to handle simple administrative affairs and should be terminated from your job.

Yesterday, I was online (Skype), no later than 8:35 a.m. (EST U.S.), awaiting my turn to audition for Startup Hero. Do you realize that while I waited patiently, I took notice of the wording that stated “Do Not Disturb” under the Startup Hero icon on Skype, and how it altered between “Do Not Disturb” and “Offline” several times between 8:35 a.m. and 9:50 a.m. (again, EST U.S.)? That’s between 4:35 p.m. and 5:50 p.m. over in Dubai, meaning that you had plenty of time to send out an alert to all of the finalists regarding the matter of some bitch-ass suffering a seizure. As a finalist, I shouldn’t have to wait nearly 18 hours for a response.

After waiting patiently early in the morning yesterday, I immediately sent out a text message to Startup Hero (via Skype)–no response. So, I attempted twice to call them (again, via Skype)–no response. That’s when I sent out the first e-mail to you regarding how you wasted my time (not to mention that I took the day off from work in order to meet my audition schedule). One can only imagine how incensed I am after waiting over an hour just to audition via Skype.

I make my way over to the community forum on the Startup Hero website to see if any of the other contestants (not “candidates”; we’re not submitting resumés for jobs) did not have their interviews–they did. In fact, they had a topic posted on the forum concerning “the best 10 Skype sessions”. This was posted yesterday–the day of my scheduled interview. Nowhere in the post did I see anything in reference to a “seizure”, or the interviews being postponed due to an unprecedented event taking place during the auditions.

Additionally, if someone is suffering a seizure, I seriously doubt it commands the attention of everyone there except for medics on-hand. You stated that you (collectively, everyone there) had to take this individual to the emergency room. If so, then this would have an affect on everyone (myself included), and therefore, it would have been upon you and the judges to inform the other finalists that something has occurred that has disrupted the scheduled interviews. But that didn’t happen. Instead, I’m sitting in front of my laptop and receiving no notifications of any postponed interview. If you cared enough about the other finalists, a postponement would have been sent to them. That’s how professionals handle situations. It’s not any of my concern about someone suffering a “seizure” over in Dubai when I’m online awaiting a Skype session to commence here in the States.

Since your fourth-grade education (that you apparently masquerade around as post-secondary) has brought you to an early decision to disqualify me due to my use of “foul language”, I’ll break it down numerically for you:

1). My use of “foul language” is the least of your concern. You need to be more concerned knowing that you, Saygin and everyone else involved with Startup Hero have been exposed to intellectual property that does not belong to you–and regardless of my John Hancock having been electronically penned to various release forms, you’ve still been exposed to it.

I’m here in the States; there is no jurisdiction regarding intellectual property once it’s outside of U.S. borders/parameters. Yesterday, I was awaiting my chance, as a qualified finalist, to audition for Startup Hero–and I’m left out due to someone suffering an episodic “seizure” (whether it was Saygin, another judge or finalist) or whatever; I don’t know and the reason why I had no idea of what was transpiring is because of your incompetent ass refusing to reply to any of my e-mails or text messages until after nearly 18 hours (between our respective time zones) when you finally decided to answer my e-mails–at nearly 3:00 a.m.–while I was sleeping. Yeah, that’s right–it took you nearly 18 hours to provide an answer to my concern.

2). The fact that you replied to one e-mail, offering an “apology” and a chance for the next Skype session due to you and the judges’ absence on behalf of someone suffering a “seizure” says how inconsiderate you are when it comes to the affairs of the other finalists. The world doesn’t stop just because someone has a “seizure”. You call paramedics, they assess the situation (they’re trained to do so, you’re not) and take the individual to ER and YOU move on with the interviews. If you had any heart, you would offer the person who had the “seizure” another chance to audition, that is to say, if said person was a finalist.

Question: How on Earth am I to accept an “apology” and open myself up to another schedule when I took yesterday off from work to make things convenient for you, the judges and myself for the sake of auditioning for Startup Hero on that day (yesterday, Wednesday September 14th, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. UAE/9:00 a.m. EST US)?

That’s right, I still hold down a full-time job while simultaneously managing my own startup. You do realize that I cannot avail myself to a Skype session where I have to field numerous questions regarding the need for a capital investment with the inconvenience of just a thirty-minute lunch break, right? That’s why I had to take the day off from work. So, in your initial e-mail response, you expressed that you were going to have re-schedule the Skype interviews, and even if you did so, how would I be able to accept another schedule if I’m unavailable? I can’t just call-out from work to attend a Skype session at your convenience. So, what good does it do for me to accept your humble “apology”? It changes nothing. I have no idea how long you fools will be hosting the auditions. For all I know, they may conclude by the time my next day off from work comes along.

3). In one e-mail, you offer a convoluted explanation alongside an “apology”; two minutes later, you disqualify me because your anemic soul was fractured by my use of colorful rhetoric. Are you kidding me? I’m more than certain that you work in an environment where “foul language” is the mundane norm. Don’t come to me with kindergarten-excuses and try to appeal to someone’s emotions by using another individual’s physiological disorder as a reason to disrupt the scheduled flow of auditions [and not follow-up with other finalists whose arms don’t uncontrollably fling-around from a presumably drug-induced “seizure”, or an E.coli infection from eating lukewarm kebabs].

4). I knew from the beginning that you were incompetent when you misspelled “Emirates” in one your prior e-mails from last week, but this week takes the cake.