Maddy’s New Beard Brought Us Together Again!!

Well, it looks as if this place has been barren for quite a few months. That’s my fault. But, things will turn around soon.

We just had our first “meet-and-greet” of 2017 yesterday (April 23rd). Many more to come.

It’s just a thirty-eight second clip…


We’re in the process of welcoming a few new faces to the HL™ Family. Thank you to Awo Hussen and Alex Mack for joining us in Atlanta on Sunday at Amalfi Pizza. Also, a special thanks to everyone who joined in on our Google Hangouts session [Ram, Prashansa, Steven, Prakash, Chi-Ken, Vikram, Himanshu and Ali].


Check out Maddy’s (our CTO) new beard!




Desmond J. Watson is a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Hexagon Lavish®, an antiartificial scientific R&D start-up that specializes in informational interpretation software development and unique IR techniques. He also manages the blog, Arheliean. You can follow him on Twitter, @RealOnanel. If you're rich and want to invest in Hexagon Lavish®, then do so.

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