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Circus Acts

The viewpoint basing its eye square on the subject matter concerning reparations for Black American descendants of slaves and foundational Black Americans has been the truth-in advertising problem for most whites to bear since they’re largely upset over the long-overdue realization that Blacks are just starting to arrive at–and that’s the reality that our lives are no longer on the line to “defend Democracy“. The [white] American-born fantasy world in which Blacks only think back to the days where our forebearers slaved away on white-owned plantations plays back in the white counterpart’s mind as nothing more than a hacking trade. Recently, the jester-esque antics that have played-out by the likes of Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson lends credence to the fact that elemental trustworthiness is an artifact; it is yellow; it has crusted over and become brittle to the touch.

Photo: David Beeler


The media can no longer churn-out hard-nosed cheerleaders like a Hillary Clinton, so they pick Oprah’s choked spiritual adviser, Marianne Williamson to come throwing out numbers that typically would be ridiculed by the most proud second-grader. Marianne has the appeal of your least favorite Washington Post-mascot; a nonsensical-driven shill that seemingly knows how to twist the tongue and spill run-of-the-mill drivel usually motivated to proclaim their partisanship and give off the impression of faux-social impartiality. 

Political campaigns [from all sides of the coin] are covered in gold but are only in similitudes to stalker plots that are mechanical and superficial; artificial emotional webs woven for the Millennial markets but come with the olden view from years past, though, still prevalent to this day. This time, marketed to the American public in the fashion of Old World-fascination that incorporates degradation in the nature of promises and Eurocentric viewpoints upon The Poor® while being white and slumming it up luxuriously is, de facto, the protocol of preferred choice. Marianne Williamson is straight out of a book comprised of vignettes of adult fairy tale fantasy, which suits her perfecto when she invokes social commentary on platforms that appeals to the young, impressionable, boy-child/girl-child masses (i.e., The Breakfast Club) who don’t see the point behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s tabula rasa [blank state]. Making attempts to overshadow the financial injustice of leaving reparations out of the conversation with feminine sympathy is a crime all on its own face, and, as of recently, has been the go-to strategy whenever a candidate is confronted with having to address the aforementioned subject matter [reparations for Black American Descendants of Slavery]. The shrill feminist manipulation that concurrently further pollutes the Democratic candidate-pool is on the level of Orange is The New Black. As far as Marianne Williamson goes….I’ll believe it when it becomes tangible. 

You can look at how the people of the world instinctively react to the plausibility of an artificial replacement [in the U.S. workforce] and contrast that with the artificial support over in China. It’s not a difficult task to cast the net of influence over them and convince them that a Beto O’Rourke is a prime presidential candidate–a dude-man with the face of a 1950s’ serial rapist; or a Kamala Harris; a woman who’s more than likely been the centerpiece of every sexually inappropriate workplace behavior that’s occurred over the past decade or more. She needs to stay down on her pre-bruised knees and keep Willie Brown smiling. Don’t worry about some white mawfucka running up on stage and snatching the mic out of your hand. Optionless America is where we’re at now but what people of the world are afraid to admit is that these candidates [as well as the Republican-side of the game] are a direct black mirror-representation of themselves. Self-endorsed opinions hold weight over the formerly prevailing mass of undeniable fact. White supremacist self-mythologizing hath taketh hold of the media, and simultaneously, givest birth to the New Black Media; a most-welcoming entity that is entirely based on bringing truth to the power [white supremacy] has also been at the forefront for the fight and obtainment of reparations for ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) / Foundational Black Americans. 

AP photo / Sait Serkan Gurbuz

There’s not much of a choice regarding presidential candidates for 2020. You have LGBTQ-skid mark, Julian Castro; a weirdo whose introduction to “Black” culture is envisioning himself and Barack Obama holding hands while skipping through the forest. There’s the self-proclaimed sophisticate, Elizabeth Warren, a half-witted former Harvard law professor who thinks targeting the big corporations is the answer to U.S. economical woes. Same-sex marriage supporter, Tulsi Gabbard, who thinks “forgetting about Dre” is more important than reparations for Black American Descendants of Slavery. I guess she can be proud of the fact that she’s yet to put a needle in her arm. Kirsten Gillibrand is a 52-year old advocate for LGBTQ “rights” and adorns the cape for “people of color”, which means that the current vertical known as “diversity” will still, remain a vertical with no definition. I would expect the aggravating “more women in Silicon Valley” cry to persist under Gillibrand’s leadership and a few more house-husbands on couch service as the reverse-psychological norm. Servicing as a punch-to-the-gut, the rhetorical “people of color” drivel will manifest itself as more “black” women are pushed to the front of the line for venture capital for their startups while [heteronormative] Black men are pushed–not to the back of the line–but out of the line entirely. Black women are not deemed as a threat to white supremacy but as tools of the aforementioned instrument of power. 

The man-milk from Pete Buttigieg is unwelcoming, additionally, the people of the world have been socially engineered into open acceptance. It doesn’t help either when you have the half male-human personality of a child molester with the inhibited yet wanton passion to pull-down the pants of an eight-year old boy and force your tongue two-inches deep into that child’s rectum live on YouTube. See, when a candidate’s orientation is the foundational basis of their campaign’s platform it all falls down from there–and fast.

Joining him on his downfall is Cory Booker; a man-dude who is a marker for sentimentalizing disgrace normally attributed to a–man. Someone should tell his handlers that the people of the world have already been socialized into accepting failures and their participation in those failures first-hand, so Cory doesn’t need to be exhilarated in knowing that the world is cognizant that he holds hands with Rosario Dawson. I’m not impressed, god-damn. I have to deal with a media conglomerate that has brazenly shifted from presenting objectivity to now blatant advocacy of white supremacist ideology. What is Cory going to do to face-down with white supremacist regimes? Share selfies he took with Rosario at a country club somewhere up in Maine?

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I get that we live in a world where one gets their diplomacy card from a list of endeavors, but lets not stress over this too much. Looks-wise, any Silicon Valley-residing bisexual digital techie, male or female, is comparable to an Amy Klobuchar. If there’s a white female rap version of Ka, complete with the lack of charisma, emotion, energy and presence, it would be Amy Klobuchar. The hive-mind political paradise is busy logging-in its newest entrants by the second as the class-war heavily engages on. When your political-box is empty of any sound competition, you’re left to fend-off the idiot parade. Your reason for that idiot parade?

Answer: The American public is too absent-minded and distracted to construct the basis for formulating the requisite putsch of rightful purification that would reward the persistent ones with equilibrium and harmony.  A surprising amount of truth is how you go about marketing “truth”. 

(Sun Times via AP / Ashlee Rezin)

Joe “I Like To Grab Little Kids” Biden. Personally, I haven’t involuntarily encountered such knee-jerk liberalism since the days of infamously-stupid neo-liberal institutionalist, George W. Bush. Joe’s level of shortchanged sympathy towards the overlapping plight of ADOS / Foundational Black Americans is antipathetic to the degree that I cannot see how a moral criminal such as Joe should have even considered running for the White House-throne in the first place. However, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him garner the position equivalent to that of a crowned Poseidon. Thanks to the 1994 “Crime Bill”, he would be a fitting prize for Eisenhower’s “domino theory“; a continuation allegory for this century’s spread of murderous incivility. Aside from Andrew Yang’s “$1,000 dollars, ya’ll” roll call, Biden’s embarrassing presence only accompanies the concurrent political malaise that falls before us. 


I have never been fascinated enough with the adjective artificial. The omnidimensional definition that’s to be contributed to the adjective, artificial, simply means “..not being used for its intended purpose“. However, artificial emphasizes a frailty; a sub-standard position in comparison to the real thing. Tofu is a real thing, yet it’s used to devise artificial creations (i.e., hot dogs made out of tofu) in regards to how those creations look. Tell me how they taste though–and THAT is how Beyond Meat gained such a valuation that it has to this day.

It’s not so much of a shock that venture capitalists fall hook-line-and-sinker for the latest stink pas that gets passed-around as a legitimate investment opportunity. That latest stink pas is what I harped about back in July (2018) when I made reference to a particular collective known culturally as the “automation gang” with members ranging from unsympathetic characters the likes of Elon The Muskrat to the “high priest”, Bill Gates. Artificial intelligence is everything representative of insufferable, bitterness and infinite struggle accompanied by redundantly useless mathematics and reprehensible “scientific” principles conjured up by wanna-be warlocks who currently carry the once coveted title of “scientists” who now are encumbered by sociological differences [long from the “real world”] and fight daily to find solace and common depth. When your work isn’t actioned by character every moment becomes fateful.

Most succumb to a rhetorical reduction because they’ve lessened their desire to obtain based knowledge that requires rapt and undivided attention. Cultural amnesia could be the onset of disassociation or the alcohol abuse on par with that of Dali standing before a blank art canvas.  We hear aspirations from the likes of would-be laboratory go-fers such as Kai-Fu Lee and Andrew Ng all the time in regards to the surprise-onsets of robots, automation and the artificial. I align the viewpoints of the two aforementioned cruds in comparisons to the defensive arrogance of puh-lit-â-kill hacks who maintain ties to media organizations. The artificial pathway seems insufferable because no one has lined-up an agenda that’s the least bit transparent and wouldn’t leave us looking like ne’er do wells lost in translation. Longing to generate interest from the roots of approval rather than criticism in order to get the likes of Andreessen Horowitz–or a Softbank–to pour copious amounts of dollars into the stretched black holes of superficiality that’s obscured by the concurrent trendy social discourse of “…robots taking over…”. It ain’t hard to tell that the once-coveted title, scientist, is quickly getting converted to social hustler.

The ar-tif-fich-shäl era is an age of digital pseudo-sophistication and overlaying pretense where your Tesla-wheeling “scientists” whipsaw Millennials with their manufactured utility of their favorite adjective, artificial, as nothing more than a cultural totem over their generational naïveté. The Elon-worship has succeeded but did that really need to invoke policing from the SEC? Perhaps. Personally, I’ve never liked the man. He’s just a custodian of ideations that seem to take-off (Space X). He’s a whirwind of various characters that the global audience have refused to judge and wind-up praising him in spite of human transgressions on his behalf that tend to continue stacking atop one another as the week stretches on by. People like Elon, Andrew, Kai-Fu and the like are the reason why AI only receives a social critique disguised as academic and/or scholarly–and not a scientific analysis. Article headlines have served their purpose yet the body of those articles are without sound reason.

-Desmond (DTO™)