C O R O N A V I R U S – Pt. I

Back in April, over on Facebook, I had posted about how short-lived “immunity” to virus (plural) is and why it is recommended (“necessary”) to receive your “shot” since virus (plural) mutate at unexpected rates.

Fact: Coronaviruses are known to mutate every 2-3 years.

In that post, I received more replies on that post than on any other posts I’ve made thus far regarding COVID-19 and they overwhelmingly were negative and were comprised of personal attacks rather than directly addressing the subject matter of immunity at hand.

I just so happened to stumble upon this article from The New York Times that seemed to address the issue of coronavirus mutations and how those mutations would affect a presumable “vaccine”, however, in the opening paragraph the author commits the fallacy of FALSE EQUIVALENCE by not differentiating between a “shot” and a “vaccine”. A “shot” is the correct tense since it’s indicative of short-term (“short-lived”) immunity; a “vaccine” would indicate more of a long-term immunity [what “people” erroneously call a “cure”].

Coronavirus was discovered by two British researchers, Dr. Tyrrell and Dr. Bynoe, back in 1965. Ever since then, scientists have been struggling with their efforts of developing a “vaccine”. In fact, it’s 55 years later since the discovery of B814–and still no “vaccine” has been developed. More over, in the last twenty years, you’ve had over FIVE mutations of coronavirus and you don’t have a “vaccine” for those either. For every mutation of coronavirus you have to have a SEPARATE “vaccine” for each of them. That’s a lot of research dollars going nowhere fast.

I consult with coronavirologists; not virologists. I sure hope “people” aren’t going to call them liars because that would be stupid.

The HCOV-NL coronavirus mutation occurred in The Netherlands. That is an irrefutable indispensable scientific fact.

The HCOV-NL63 coronavirus mutation is a variant of the HCOV-NL coronavirus mutation which also happened in The Netherlands. That is an irrefutable indispensable scientific fact.

The HCOV-HKU1 coronavirus mutation that happened over in Hong Kong. That is an irrefutable indispensable scientific fact.

The HCOV-SARS coronavirus mutation occurred over in China. That is an irrefutable indispensable scientific fact.

The HCOV-MERS coronavirus mutation originated in Saudi Arabia. That is an irrefutable indispensable scientific fact.

Every last one of those coronavirus mutations occurred in the last twenty years.

It’s not my fault that virus (plural) mutate. That’s what they do, but I had some Resource Room-types try and dispute that with emotion; some drivel about “recombinant DNA” (even after I had explained that canine coronavirus has to be “tuned” to human DNA in order to infect you); anecdotal malarkey about working in the medical field (without clarifying what they do in the “medical field”); asking “simple” questions (without having any knowledge in science so that they didn’t ask the WRONG questions); improper diets, etc.

It’s not my fault that those same Resource Room-types are naturally-born as learning-disabled and can’t comprehend that the human immune system’s response to virus (plural) results in organs shutting down, one-by-one. That requires medicine, not yoga, not astrology, not incense burning and not a plate-full of arugula.

I can’t blame them necessarily since the subject of applicable science has been removed from U.S. public school curriculum back in 1958. Mind you, that’s effectively seven years prior to the discovery of coronavirus in 1965 when aforementioned British researchers, Dr. Tyrrell and Dr. Bynoe, first discovered coronavirus with a transistorized scanning electron microscope.

I highly doubt Resource Room-types have the expertise it takes to identify the nucleic acid surrounding from Rhinovirus Type-9 particles on an electron micrograph.