C O R O N A V I R U S – Pt. I

“When SARS came along, the world of coronaviruses suddenly changed and it became much larger and much more technical.”

© – Dr. Kenneth McIntosh

I really am not all that shocked or surprised to see that there are so few pictures of the late Dr. David Tyrrell, one of the two British researchers who first discovered what we erroneously call the “coronavirus”. With the Media’s manipulation of the global masses who are more in-tune with YouTube scholastics than taking ownership of a mainline comprehension of the world around them (especially when that world is comprised of virus (plural)). Then again, one cannot feign stepped realization when this era’s winners are fast-talking know-nothings who only hope to wish they “can hang” with those subscribed to intelligence’s olden age thrust. In the world of governed science, you’re only appreciated as a historical utility. Afterwards, you collect your rewards and live an isolated existence until it’s time that a large majority of your remembrance is lowered six feet below its timed appreciation. I’m here congratulating the singular but global mind on its objective of burying the late Dr. Tyrrell as nothing more than a poisoned memory; constricted by a boa snake in the femme form of a late Dr. June Almeida.

One thing I will say is that scientists do not have the technology that’s necessary in order to develop DNA/RNA-based vaccines. Coronavirus is RNA-. Mutation [of coronavirus] becomes even more so relevant but only to the extent that the mutation alters the surface protein. Of course, that would assume that the protein itself is one that the human body does not recognize. If the human body (moreover, the human immune system) recognizes the protein then the virus cannot impose as an “infection” since the human immune system’s ability to recognize the virus protein is nullified and therefore the virus is not tuned to one’s DNA. So now, one is asymptomatic, meaning that you may have [COVID-19] but you’re not expressing symptoms, or the suffering thereof. Perhaps the “people” over at Moderna can spend some time reading the Journal of Immunology so they can catch up to speed.

The viral (pun intended) response to the onset of COVID-19, here in the United States, has been observationally deemed as vehement in the definitive eye of American nature. Science is a foreign entity in the U.S.; it needs a visa to fend-off the country’s culture-wide ignorance.

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