T H I E L – I

“Now, I’ll tell you what the problem is with looking for racism everywhere because when you start looking for racism everywhere you start finding racism everywhere, it’s only a very small step to finding racists everywhere.”

© — Peter Thiel

Source: YouTube, “Peter Thiels Predicts Effects of Multiculturalism and Diversity”

Years ago, I spoke on what I labeled as Thielism which is a self-centered, self-proclaimed ideology of greed that imposes an artful way of thinking of the “future” in a manner governed heavily by grandiose delusion. Another delusion that escapes many is the idea of science-as-a-business and while that same “many” would take that gut-punch and try to reverse it into my direction in regards to “well, what do you think you’re doing with Hexagon Lavish®? Ain’t that ‘science-as-a-business’?

Answer: No

Hexagon Lavish® is billed as “an antiartificial scientific R&D startup“. In other words, in our [current] form, we, as a startup, are scientific on our accord. But when the institution evolves into a business, now we’re on the path of being…something else. When you’re a subject of the tyranny of physical reality you only have a limited choice of options if you make the decision to run through the gauntlet of doing business. When you try to run science like it’s a business it doesn’t pan-out the way it might in your “head” (i.e., business plan). Try convincing medical engineers to develop a drug in conjunction with a rigorous deadline so that you can sell said “drug”, you’ll end up with something on the scale of 1 out of 25 patients suffering unwanted side effects in 20 out of 25. The holy grail of science-as-a-business is planned obsolescence.

Peter Thiel exemplifies the current state-of-mind of a lot venture capitalists and their perspective on scientists, which is incredibly disrespectful. Thing is, most of these types will not put their money where their mouth is. Thiel, as a venture capitalist, he’s the last to invest in science or the kind of work that scientist do (i.e, MY startup). When Bell Labs split and became Lucent, and there was pressure to develop a marketable product, the first thing to go is basic research. When you look at Bell Labs now, it is a shadow of its former self because before stockholders came into the foray, Bell Labs was considered a premier research center of the world. When the primary motive is to make money then that is what happens. Thiel is the kind of half male-human that thinks that scientists have chronically failed to understand that they must reap their own Y from X instead of buying into the delusion of science + business.

In relation to his recent op-ed in the New York Times, you can take notice of a pattern with Peter Thiel: he always seems to omit a particular fact about his “opinions”. For example, in comparison to his op-ed, here’s a quote from a from lecture he made years ago:

“Facebook was not the first of social networking site. My friend, Reid Hoffman, started one in 1997, they called it Social Net, so they already had the name social networking in the name of their company seven years before Facebook. Their idea was that it going to be this virtual cyberspace were I’d be a dog and you’d be a cat and we’d have all these different rules about how we interact with each other in this virtual alternate reality. Facebook was the first one to get real identity, so I hope Facebook will be the last social networking site. It was the first one in a very important dimension, people often would not think of it as the first because they sort of lump all these things together.”

© — Peter Thiel

That’s one hell of an omission of the once-before existence of MySpace. I guess this fits into his own homegrown narrative that “competition is for losers“. That’s hero vulture rhetoric that rules over Silicon Valley to this day [and I don’t care if Thiel has “moved” from Silicon Valley]. The process of taking the requisite steps to correct Thiel’s self-congratulation of instigating the “wrong spirit” and directing in the presence of scientific materialists. A non-cultural lamenter that never fetishizes on the meat-ready “middle class”, however, Thiel is a direct representation on America’s current love affair with gay white males, even the ones running up in Wal-Mart’s across the country on some “Call of Duty” missioned malarkey. Thiel will throw a dollar your way.

It doesn’t require a knack for knowing your way around this sort of kitchen in order to bake the cake of pseudointellectual-kick. All you need is a hint of the flour grown exclusively in the field of elite California class depiction with a pinch of salty social deprivation. Silly-Ass Valley Silicon Valley isn’t alien to the relative banal stench that emanates from a politician’s handshake. Exemplified in the body politic that comprises Thielism; practiced pity ain’t among his [Thiel’s] standards. Once you start to apply your [or someone else’s] experience to a political sense, negative inference ensues and you begin to see how it distracts from civic issues (i.e., automation and manufactured “fear”). Automation, a civic issue, not technological, is akin to a bended-Becky approach where only a select few are allowed to control the narrative that this “thing” is going to “replace them”, but then this same naked advance gets applied to AI. So, mainstream media is given this “thing”, without any clear definition, and unconsciously agree to push the propaganda [and of course, include their primary color]. The grumbling supposition of anger and blame is activated because the general public is too preoccupied with duties of the self and willfully engage in demoralization. What’s the antidote to that?


Stuck in the muck of paranoia, Thiel, in his definitive disposition, is a contrarian’s contradiction which is an identity born out of the rancid womb of Silicon Valley’s factory of prime failure. Peter is a plant that has sprout forth from the poisoned soil of California; he’s an acid trip for the downhick-cultural problem–and “downhick” is not a socio-economic criticism–it’s a fitting descriptive for the base grievous divisions that comprise the demented, narcissistic brain compartmentalization that is the germanic Thiel-makeup. In other words, he’s an idiotic moron who’s been intellectually raped by America’s polarizing non-movements, and inevitably, turned little Peter into, representatively, Silly-Ass Valley’s prime propagandist. Relegated to a non-signature third-class “nature”, he’s aligned himself under Trump-endorse auspices, only to emerge from out of the shadows every once in a while to leave the impression of a “first strike” against the likes of Google and his home, Silicon Valley, the mouth of Thiel sends out peculiar signals of distress and desperation of challenging a self-imposed hunger for political affirmation and–well, attention. I mean, I’m certain he’ll get the attention he desires since it’s no lie that even municipal institutions will hand him the mic with no hesitation so he can wreck the stage and hurl underhanded defamation at China and direct cupcake-angst at Silicon Valley-hallmark symbols of “success” (i.e., Google) that only serves to illustrate Thiel’s marketing of his disenchantment.

“A.I. is a military technology. Forget the sci-fi fantasy; what is powerful about actually existing A.I. is its application to relatively mundane tasks like computer vision and data analysis. Though less uncanny than Frankenstein’s monster, these tools are nevertheless valuable to any army — to gain an intelligence advantage, for example, or to penetrate defenses in the relatively new theater of cyberwarfare, where we are already living amid the equivalent of a multinational shooting war.”

© — Peter Thiel

To those that haven’t studied the mechanism of deception, Thiel’s display of faux-righteousness is manufactured and is centuries-old. It’s a self-flagellating release from the school of the latter-Greeks (the same school that taught that the Earth was flat) although it’s seen as a cathartic experience by a congregation of those seeking moral consultation from a public figure. The elementary composition of Thiel stands as a social fragmentation; nothing charismatic about him at all. He’s just….there….occupying space. A speck of sand not worthy of existing in the divine order, or even as a restraining order in Woody Allen’s wallet. A high-minded gay blade.

With his penchant for social indoctrination, Thiel is a self-endorsed comic relief to those who comprehend when someone’s need for acceptance serves as a hilarious definition. He’s extremely unfunny. He’s also more of a political con artist who’s history stems from the philosophical pablum on par with Earl‘s Feet of Clay. His pandering is a societal subjection that brings the SV-denizens to the Sermon Mount to hear firebrand speechifying on the subject of class antagonism that’s singularly identified as Millennial-exaggeration. Cultural impact is not in Thiel’s scope, instead you’ll find yourself in a smattering of nihilistic, nonsensical conclusions that only make sense to agitators who angle to dismantle the idea of familial and orderly unity. To follow this “man” would be a cry of obedience directed towards to the appeasement of the most impressionable radicals.

An AI-idolater, Thiel’s a prideful bastard who doesn’t hide behind fabricated humanism; he’s not all too sarcastic (however, I’m thrown-off by his “intellectual sparring partner”, Marc Andreessen’s adulation of Thiel); and he has the weak resolve of a freshly-raped preying mantis. Thiel harbors zero evidence of any human-guilt and is driven everyday to help sustain the image of rapacious institutional corruption that now governs the Ivy League-grounds across the Ah-Merry-Kin land. Let’s be honest, the social being is incredibly encumbered with the visual judgement laid before them on a daily basis: sexual perversion, unblessed abortions that go unforsaken, begotten gain, etc. Keeping an anti-intelligent distance between oneself and a predominantly white male cheerleading community of would-be activists seems as if it’s the more logical tactic, however, the possibility of a grand backfire occurring grows more and more as this thing call time “gets older”….by the minute…for Thiel. In other words, the collecting subtleties come together in the form of an engorged epic [Peter loves the past participle engorged]. That would be a diametrically-opposite interest for a white supremacist such as Peter Thiel.

-D E S M O N D | [D T O™]