Desmond was a part of the founding team at Fho-Bis, LLC., a short-lived and unfunded startup that operated off the main campus at Gwinnett Technical College back in 2003. Desmond joined the computer and human-interactions development team as an intern and quickly obtained the role of “engineering architect” by early 2004.

While still in attendance at Gwinnett Technical College, Desmond’s initial venture into entrepreneurship began after a short stint working at Bottom-Heavy Entertainment, however, Desmond’s interest rested on the head of technological development and implementation…so his interest began to wane with BHE.

A disinterest in Bottom-Heavy Entertainment coupled with a new direction in life after finally meeting his father for the first time (2004) caused the birth of a newly found purpose: startup development. Desmond believed he still needed some experience so he linked up with another unfunded startup, Analytics 1305. 1305 was the number attributed to a room on the campus of Georgia Tech where the startup was located. Algorithm development was the game of the day from a remote position (typical for 2020 but a quite an experience for 2009).

It was the call of the time for Desmond to engage with several characters that crossed paths in his life. Learning much from his father in regards to some of the schematic drawings that was shared with him, he learned quite a bit in regards to how cars could become autonomous but never realized the point of such an implementation.

During this time, Desmond came to the realization that adapting to the reality of a scientific materialist was the call he’s been waiting to hear. After Analytics 1305 obtained funding and moved on to San Jose (and changed their name to Skytree)–without him–he was left with nothing more than his own devices. With no tools to build anything, he had to go and get a regular job selling guns [for an FFL]. While doing so, he landed a job as a research engineer for a Chinese-based American startup, Wuchubuzai, (based in Shenzhen, China) where he was awarded a 3% equity stake in the company. However, once the startup obtained funding, he was booted from the startup after only a short stint while working in the machine learning department. Desmond was the only American staff member hired directly by the CEO of Wuchubuzai after he saw Desmond’s knowledge domain regarding some aspect of quantum mechanics (e.g., the original “i/j” theory) and an interest in nuclear physics on the former thehexagonlavish.com website back in 2010.

It really wasn’t until 2013 that Desmond rediscovered the intimate justice of entrepreneurship when he became the second-half of the partnership, Hunter & Watson. During this short stint, Desmond was face-to-face with the devil slaps of confusion, being that he was never given the details behind the development of the partnership. With contracts flying in from the left and the right, Desmond parted ways with Hunter & Watson taking his intellectual property with him. That intellectual property transitioned into what is now known as Hexagon Lavish®.