Hop Off That Bandwagon, Playa…

It would serve you all for the better to take this time and heed the words of someone who doesn’t play around and actually learn something and I’m really talking, specifically, to those of you who claim to be an “atheist” but are truly uninformed about what exactly is atheism. I know that you’re not “atheists”, rather you all are just a bunch of dumb punks that have jumped on the emotion-driven, Internet-sponsored bandwagon of faux-atheism and I can say that because nearly 100% of the nonsense that you all spew in you countless YouTube-videos (in addition to queer, Gen-Y-4Chan antics) are nothing more than self-defeating expansions on the definitions that are already in place.

You cannot be an atheist if you do not have an actual understanding of the “Bible” and a TV show on The History Channel ain’t gonna cut it, playa. Some of you claim to be an atheist because you simply cannot stomach religion, and though that’s a good reason to be an atheist, the majority of those that cling to this excuse do so under that banner of being subjective, not objective. All rationality comes from being objective. Some of you who claim to be atheists also believe that there is an “afterlife”, you just think that an “afterlife” is real without there being a “God” to rationalize that convoluted idea. NEWSFLASH: That is a completely illogical conclusion for anyone to arrive at when it’s not based on facts. When you die, you immediately cease to exist. You do not fade away into some non-existence (i.e., an “afterlife”).

Would you like some real science to confirm this for all you little kids out there? A bullet travels faster than the speed of sound, meaning that if you were struck and killed instantly by a bullet or even a piece of shrapnel from a grenade, mortar or artillery round, you would never hear the sound of it. You would die and not even know that you were shot. This is fact.

Folks, I can set people on the path of agnosticism or atheism by continually forcing them to confront the glaring contradictions, hypocrisies and absolute absurdities in their so-called “faith”.

Some would say that the religious freaks have always had the upper-hand and that’s true, especially in the case of the Imperial Roman Catholic Church–but the tide is turning as more people are breaking themselves away from the chains of religiosity, which is good. But that’s not necessarily turning them away from this “god thing”. Discrediting religion is one thing; discrediting the “god thing” is another thing entirely.

You’re not an atheist just because you’re no longer a Christian; you’re not an atheist just because you’re no longer a Muslim; and you’re definitely not an atheist just because you’ve experienced a bad dream and decided to get on YouTube and tell the whole world how much you hate your parents. You’re an atheist when you come to terms with reality and realize that the concept of “God” permits the reconciliation of particular issues and questions for the frightened and ignorant and for those that cannot accept reality. The concept of “God” is part and parcel of what’s known as the Politics of Power. The Politics of Power is the reason why there will never be an end to the abortion/anti-abortion conflict. Neither side wants an end to the conflict–and yes, it is a conflict, playa. If an end were to be reached, that’ll bring the money train to a complete stop.

Something else to put into perspective, some people whom have hopped on the it’s-cool-to-be-an-atheist bandwagon because, to them, it makes them look more educated than those who subscribe to particular religions. That’s a false assumption. I know plenty of people who call themselves Christians yet they are some of the most well-behaved and assertive people I know. They just choose to adhere to their religion and there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s problematic about it is the fact that a lot of Christians tend to intentionally ignore the truth whenever they’re confronted with it and this is what aggravates the true atheist. Is belief in a god rational? Show me a Christian that can answer that question. Really, I beg you.

And, for those of you who do not subscribe to any religion and think it’s cool to call yourself an atheist (when it’s obvious that you lack the education to even know how to go about obtaining the knowledge that a true atheist has), let me ask you a question. Is suicide wrong? You dumb, young people like to smoke, drink, eat at McDonald’s, take drugs, engage in risky behaviors that exposes you to diseases and illnesses, get tattoos, mutilate yourself with piercings, but killing yourself is immoral or wrong? Since I’m more intelligent than 90% of the people reading this, I’ll do you all a favor and answer the question for you.

Answer: No. There’s nothing immoral or wrong about suicide.

What is the first thing professors teach you in Philosophy 101? Just because one can do something it doesn’t logically follow that one ought to do something.

Just because I’m “God”, should I allow DNA to mutate? If so, why? Just because I’m “God”, should I permit the creation of the “Universe” though the consequence of doing so would result in the real threat of permanent cosmic radiation? Knowing this, it’s a good thing that we have a yellow star and not a white star or a blue star.

Aside from the few Christians that, although, adhere to the doctrines and teachings of Jesus, I have very little to say [positively] of those whom are adamant when it comes to their blind faith. But I will say this: if someone is filled with the “Holy Spirit” or, if they “know God”, then how could they ever possibly provide so many mistranslations in the “infallible word of God”? And exactly what “good” has religion done for anyone? What was so “good” about murdering millions of women for being “witches”? Eight million women were murdered over a simple accusation. All the millions of people praying to “god”, talking to “god” and having “god” in their lives, shouldn’t someone have figured out that there is/was no such thing as witchcraft? People used to be put to death for believing that the Earth orbits the Sun. You mean to tell me that with all the millions of people praying to “god” that this “great god” didn’t tell any of them that the Earth really does orbit the Sun?

One other thing, power is intoxicating, as Saul/Paul and Peter quickly discovered. What you all need to understand is that there will always be those who will use anything as a platform to advance their own agenda and atheism is no exception. No one atheist can speak for all atheists. That would be absurd.

As far as death goes, I’m not afraid of death. I used to be, but, when I was, I was a child. Dying is one of the few things that we as humans do best. Death is fear in its purest form, and of course, fear comes in other forms as well. People fear things the likes of divorce, the fear of losing one’s job, etc. So, why would they not fear death? It’s human, humans have the tendency to fear what they do not know. However, as a positive, fear is also one of those emotions that can save your life in regards to the fight-or-flight response to stimuli. At this point, you can have to come to the realization that there is a distinct difference between a child-like fear and an adult-like fear. Kids fear death for all of the wrong reasons and this is why kids make up fantasies about spirits and why kids end up fascinated with “ghosts” because, to them, it’s a beautiful thing and it comforts them. An adult, on the other hand, fears death because death can happen to them at an inopportune moment. They might not be prepared for it, leaving things undone or unintended for or unfinished.

The only people that I know of that are reasonable are the people who intentionally seek the answers to their questions. The irrational mind closes itself off and refuses to see. Learning is an inherent part of growing and maturing and a requirement of learning is that you take a step outside of your “comfort zone” to find the truth. A person’s ability to do that will be related to the extent by which they were inculcated and indoctrinated. Speaking of my own personal experience, it is often painful, but that’s necessary and there’s no way to grow and mature or even experience life without enduring some pain. It’s no different than when you come to the realization that someone that you once idolized, even saw as a “hero” (of some sorts), turns out to be nothing more than a charlatan. A person that’s reasonable will always ask the hard questions; a person that’s unreasonable will stick their head in the sand and pretend that they do not see anything.

Of course, there are those that say: “Well, most people, in general, are good-natured folks. They mean no harm.”

Really? All right, so I can make an example of the general definition of “good”, let’s bring “homeless” people into the fray, shall we? They’ve been around a lot longer than your “god thing”, you know. Even if a “god” existed, there were “homeless” people around for thousands of years. A lot of people are uninformed about life in general. The “homeless” fall into the category, playa. It isn’t “good” to point the finger at me and bellow: “Look, there goes the bad guy!” My position on the “homeless” (nh) isn’t “bad”; no, quite the contrary. There’s absolutely nothing that I can do for them. Feeding them would be immoral since I would be in the act of strengthening and encouraging them to continue living an injurious lifestyle. To others who are misguided by their ethnocentric worldviews, they think they are doing good by reaching out and helping the “homeless”–and they are–they’re helping the “homeless” to continue living in the wallows of their own self-imposed “sorrows”. Think about that. The “homeless” are no different than tribal societies, who themselves are grotesquely immature and harbor worldviews that are akin to that of a small child. Tribal societies cling to their belief in a “god”; they do not possess the sophistication or proper education to understand that solar radiation heats the Earth’s crust and causes warm air to rise and cold air to descend which creates turbulence and if there’s a lot of moisture in the air, a thunderstorm is produced, so these tribal societies will take that and attribute it to some deity.

Understand something, only about 5% of people, in general, are “good”. Those that fall under that 5% will do the right thing, every single time they are put to the test regardless of the severity of the consequences that will be imposed on them and by that I’m talking about them losing their jobs/careers, their family or their friends. Another 12% will do the right thing but if, and only if, they’re to suffer no consequences. In other words, they will not alert someone else on another person’s wrongdoing out of fear of losing their livelihood or ruining their career or alienating peers, family or friends or the fear of being imprisoned or killed. The majority of people fall under the 66%. These are people who will never do the right thing–unless they are rewarded in some form or fashion. Then you have the 12% who will do wrong if–and only if–they are to suffer no consequences and then, there are the 5% who have nothing better to do than commit acts of evil because that’s a way of life for them.

As far as spirituality goes, there’s nothing wrong with that. Religion has nothing at all to do with one’s spirituality. I do not profess a belief in “God” or any “gods” for that matter. In my own definition, I had stated that “I do not believe in ‘God’ but I also do not deny the possible existence of a ‘God-property’.” To some, that would read to them that I’m an agnostic. I’m not an agnostic since the definition of the “agnostic God” simply cannot be comprehended. I, Desmond, simply do not go by a label; I just don’t. I’m more atheistic. Atheism, on its face, does not coerce nor employ the use of threats or the use of force to grow in numbers [in terms of people].

Can’t say the same for religion though. But, even adults would have the right to feel somewhat cheated. It’s only human nature to lay blame and make excuses. Everyone is searching for that one true answer–and that answer is simple: physics. Yes folks, physics. When you begin to understand that life is simply physics, you’ll see life as a series of actions, reactions and random interactions. That describes physics. Our own suffering and sorrow is brought upon us by ourselves through our own actions or lack thereof. Some people will mind their own business and still draw the short straw such as being on an airplane that ends up crashing but that’s physics and you can’t exactly just avoid being affected by the parameters of physics.

Some would say, that scientists, of today’s pedigree, are more or so expected to be either agnostic or atheist and that’s probably due to the fact that you have clowns like Richard Dawkins and his “A+” malarkey. Your position, whether you’re an atheist, Christian, Muslim, etc., should not be predicated by some academic, scientist, philosopher or whomsoever. Do not let someone else define who you are. Dawkins’ existence should have no bearing on you being an atheist or agnostic or what have you. When I was sixteen years old, I called myself “teaching the Bible” to other teenagers at Hopewell Baptist Church in Norcross, Georgia (we’re talking 1996). In addition to studying economics (not Keynesian economics), mathematics, science and history, I also dabbled in biblical studies as well. I do not need the validation of someone else. One’s biases or prejudices may develop and form that person’s intellectual honesty that will impact a discussion, perhaps perceiving what may be said in the wrong light. This should be utilized in efforts of better interpreting exactly what is meant by Dawkins’ “A+” stance on atheism. You have to question his motive–and you can do that simply by taking a look at history.

Christianity–why does it exist? The answer to that would be that it exist because some could not accept Judaism. From there, you have Manicheans and Nestorian Christians; they exist for the same lame reason and that was arguments over ideology. After that, comes the schism, once again over ideology. Why would atheism be any different? It isn’t, and you have Dawkins’ “A+” as proof. What’s next? Radical atheism? I’m sure some people are looking forward to that. You have power seekers and those willing to prostitute themselves to the world for a chance at being in the spotlight. This is why you have your Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tysons, your Michio Kakus, your Bill Nyes, your Carolyn Porcos,…all of these twerps up on YouTube, CNN, making appearances at universities, cramming their nonsense into the impressionable minds of the youth. You can choose to participate if you wish and fuel their fantasies to your heart’s desire. I, Desmond, choose not to.