Early on the morning of Friday September 23rd, 2016, I received an e-mail from a particular individual in which he inferred himself as being surprised after coming across this blog post (that was posted last week) and stated that he would take up legal action against me if I did not remove the blog post. In response, I did remove the blog post but I decided to repost it and shortened it to where the post only addresses him and “the miseducated” [with said individual whipsawed into the same group] after noticing how he only quoted half of one statement (that has been emphasized down below) where he felt threatened, making his credibility seem questionable–in addition to said particular individual dismissing me during a conversation we had where he stated, “…aight, dawg“. To those who can’t seem to see where the offensiveness lies, you had best believe that if I were one of this person’s non-Black counterparts, he would’ve known better and ended the phone call with proper etiquette. I didn’t even mention getting intentionally hung up on after making another attempt to contact him to continue our “fruitful conversation” in regards to his assistance in helping HL® obtain capital–or, at the very least, get introductions to investors whom he knows. That helps; calling me “dawg“, as if I’m “down” with your ne’er-do-well generation does not help me or my venture. Black men are out here getting killed for doing nothing–nothing–and you want to display stupidity?

The diligence and innovation ascribed to HL® has improved said experience in manifold ways and can continue to do so if certain “obstacles” are lifted. While “competitive beef” between a titan that’s crumbling and a multidimensional beast that can only be described in comparison to a planetary system bombardment structured by the scientific randomness of a chemistry god (“Chris”) and “the physics devil” has taken on the form of the “real and personal” seemed contrived at first, but has breached the parameters of the forsaken–I have to keep these steps towards a victorious win–in order.

Some have yet to adapt to this era, which is found on eerie grounds of doubt and societal-imposed self-reproach seeing how advancements in voice-to-text technology may have allowed few to transcend the limitations that would typically hold-off “the average”…and to that conjecture, one would have to ask, “…why would you even think to take the opportunity to make an approach?“. I, on the other hand, am more interested in knowing how to mitigate the damage that they do than sit here and preach the solution to the exhilarated reader. I take one look at startups out in Silly Ass Valley Silicon Valley and see a collective sad face. Understand this: I get enthralled when imitation rears its ugly, pockmarked head my way (nh @ “my way”) because that’s when little bitches find themselves overwhelmed and entertained to frivolity when they get to hurl rocks at the crown. Indestructible and combustible–I can’t but help to hold back the laughter when self-proclaimed “alphas” are hurt when they see blog titles the likes of “…Only A Hetero-Normative Black Man Can Put Together A Startup The Likes of HL®”.

They will never see what they consider a “valid point” for their own extermination because they haven’t accrued the requisite life experience to comprehend what complete and patently obvious dolts that they really are. Fresh out of college and now with enough spare, discretionary money to buy drinks on the weekend and they think they’re all grown-up, not realizing that there are many more opportunities for their card to get pulled. Breaking that down in laymen’s terms, I do not have all that much respect for the extremely-admired-by-the-media educated darling. This brings me to kids these days who are highly-impressionable and allow themselves to be willfully ignorant regarding the politics of “being Black“. I don’t know what they teach these stupid motherfuckers out in the collegiate campuses today, but there are establishments that don’t normally accept drop-offs from would-be “pimps” on their semester abroad. These so-called “Millennials” wouldn’t know this because it is all part of a rich fantasy believable between them, a couple of pot-headed frat bros and a few fresh-off-the-boat rat-eaters who share dormitory with an incorporated “understanding of the mundane urban dweller-woes” by minoring in “African American” studies with weekly eight-hour study sessions of Snoop Doggy Dogg’s “Doggystyle” with Peggy Sue and Brad. Unbeknownst to them, real grown-ups don’t purport the stereotype of liberal, tweed-jacketed college professors pulled directly from the 1980s’ issues of National Lampoon magazine because most people tend to grow out of the black-and-white worldview assumed by most teens-to-twentysomethings–and I realize that a lot of them are under a certain age–but that’s no excuse. Unlike the compromised, colored Negroes they befriended in uni, there are quite a few Blacks who don’t attach themselves to uncultured characteristics typically forced onto to us [Blacks] by white supremacy. We tend to fight them off; and HL® was birthed by that fight.

Basing your foundational thoughts on Black culture from a white perspective makes you candidate for more deserved bodily harm than Dylann Roof. Enamoring yourself with white teen angst by watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off will only make it worse too. Notwithstanding that your minor in “African American” studies permits them the guise of “liberal”, it doesn’t excuse them for their lithe position. The sensible approach would be to think of racism as more of a macro-economic, systemic problem than just a transgression of micro-social decorum. For instance, it’s one of many reasons why I don’t vote or get all riled up enough to join any of the half-a-homo remnants of the Democratic party. Truthfully speaking, these mawfuckas don’t know jack-shit about Black culture apart from what they’ve been spoon-fed by Viacom. They derive their ethnocentric view on others from talking points of The Huffington Post. That, in itself, speaks volumes to their blissfully ignorant, half-hearted political-based stance on cultural aspect as well. What’s more annoying: these kids, ascribing to the ghettoized politics ingrained into the minds of urban dwellers on the daily, or the platitudes of that morbidly obese political pornographer Michael Moore?

I, on the other hand, am cut from a different cloth. I’m a different breed of entrepreneur. My thought process is totally the opposite of yours, your kind, highly-impressionable ginger toads from Suburbia and absolutely diametrically-opposed from your typical colored Negro/bi-racial/mixbreed who’ll heed to the words of a total gayfer/Trump supporter the likes of Peter Thiel–[and by the way, another personality trait I can’t stand is anyone over the age of eight who espouses Libertarian politics]. It’s not “attitude” that bothers me; in fact, it’s “attitude” that attracts needful change; it’s a characteristic that’s most welcoming. The only time “attitude” isn’t welcomed is when it’s accompanied by a .45 caliber handgun. What bothers me mostly is the presumption of an undisclosed ulterior motive [people harbor] to remove me as a fraction separated from the remaining equation.

I’m not impressed with the accomplishments of others nor am I intrigued by investors’ [now] disingenuous interest in HL®. Most folks do not possess the intelligence, the “smarts”, the intuition, the education nor the intellectual/spiritual gumption to engage in the research and development associated with HL®. That’s the bare-bone honest truth, and what’s sadder than sad is that the collective heart of America’s youth has been corrupted by deception, and it is empty and nothing of worth is left in that place.

While I usually fume at regularly, chronically-unemployed Twitter nazi-denizen vigilantes trolling subject matters in regards to politics and race (and make no mistake, most of social media’s claims about race are fantastically wrong), it has been made apparent to me that social media–collectively–has a firm grasp on the fact that the center-right Obamaist bros lack a coherent structural critique of capitalism (and the other two property theories) and thus are helpless to competently explain or deconstruct white privilege, and when prodded with even the most outlandish reactionary vitriol, can only respond in a manner that suggest that their preferred social arrangement is for the now deceased American “middle class” to enter into some kind of “ethical” compromise with dominant forces (e.g., white racist institutions) that are larger and more durable than any one person’s will to subvert them through selective consumerism (such as electing Obama and thinking that all will be well).

The fact that there exists participants in the willing lottery to defend such a feckless and paradoxically conservative compromise, your average white privileged Trump-bros have to prop themselves up in the form of a hyper-capitalist or hyper-racist the likes of Simon Legree who operate out of base individualistic motives such as greed and hatred as the main targets of their protests. The contradictions and fallacies of this self-imposed ideology are numerous and fairly obvious to anyone who knows anything about capitalism (or, even the other two property theories). But, this is the United States, and those who claim the land as much as they do their bloodlines, are heavily invested in them, particularly in this milieu where loyalty is nominal as these ideas carry a certain social-cultural cachet and will spout-off the kind of nonsense that will cause an observer the likes of Twitter to conclude that its American-roots is comprised of people who are nothing more than a bunch of well-heeled rubes.

If I haven’t made it clear, allow me this opportunity to re-iterate the principle I live by: I’m not here to battle with you mortals. I can step down from Poseidon’s throne and combat all fronts of opposition with just some of the most simplest inquiries:

“What about your inability to reconcile your sense of systemic flaws with individual moral shortcomings?”

With just a couple swings of the sword, most of you would quit but more so because it’s easy to effectively bait you and also because the vast majority of you lack the vocabulary to defend your positions. In all honesty, the fact that 1 out of every 4 working age-American possesses a college degree, you’re all light work for even the most inexperienced warfighter. Understand this, I, Desmond, do not care about your guilt pangs or your sophomoric regurgitation of some amateur’s tweet storm you skimmed while browsing online for schemes to sink your inheritance money in.

As always, I offer plenty of insight into your convoluted worldview, you all just do not comprehend it, so the operation of the vehicle of collective animosity towards me to deflect from your own reluctance to engage in a grown-up conversation. I am amused by Twitter’s low-level-bitch/anti-intellectual/hick routine of addressing and/or blaming “black-on-black crime” (snicker) that takes place in Chicago and trying to make someone living in Atlanta feel apologetic for it (snicker) and labeling every petty act of crime such as candy swiped from a Korean-owned convenience store from a 10-year old Black kid with that 10-year old Black kid catching wreck in the form of twelve gunshots in his back and the resultant burning down of that Korean-owned convenience store in protest of the child’s death as an act on behalf of Black Lives Matter. I mean, seriously, do you see me taking up for American farmers? Why anyone, of any race, would want to claim farmers as their next-of-kin or seek representation in their depiction is beyond me. They are the single-most retrograde class of people in all of American history. It’s as ridiculous as Black folks making an “anti-hero” or an ethno-nationalist martyr out of Micah Xavier Johnson. People who do so lack a cogent moral basis, and on that note, I highly recommend that now’s the time for you to lift your atrophied brain out of the ahistorical muck it’s stuck in.

Grown intelligent people face historical realities, ambiguities and complexities head-on without turning everything into a childish binary. Micah Xavier Johnson wasn’t a Nat Turner. Neither was Christopher Dorner. Nat Turner was someone who was entirely subjected by the market and a system of governance who organized an insurrection that struck at the power brokers whom he had a grievance with–and his rebellion was intended to spread–and it did. Dorner was an idiot who turned a personal beef into a polemical suicide mission; Johnson’s reaction was stemmed from the wholesale killing that police are concurrently committing on fellow Black men. Dorner was motivated by the same exact threadbare ideology that’s based on the kind of vigilante violence has historically been used to attack Black people. If you need an example to lie back on, look at the unjustifiable death of Emmett Till.

Better yet, look at the character traits adopted by his murderers: vengeful, hateful, convinced of moral superiority, easily swayed by persecution mythologies, disdainful of the rule of law, disinterested in the consequences and/or repercussions of their actions…these days, we tend to generalize this as “White Lives Matter”–and here we are, the latter half of 2016 heading into 2017 with the Holy Triumvirate of Race-Class-Gender getting ready to be unleashed full-force on the American public. It’s about as repulsive as a college student “hired” (snicker) as a “writer” (snicker) for Huffington Post and you can tell so because they’re idiotic enough to use informative and propaganda in the same sentence.

-Desmond (DTO™)