D E S M O N D | T H E | O M N I D I M E N S I O N A L ™

On an EARLY Wednesday morning (July 27th, 2021), D T O ™, expounded on the Greek etymology of the prefix “anti” and how the average layperson relies more on association in contrast to definition.

Also, D E S M O N D speaks on influence and how entertainers (music artists, film directors, actors/actresses, etc.) are on the top of the influential chain and control the association of ANY subject matter.


Desmond J. Watson is a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Hexagon Lavish®, an antiartificial scientific R&D start-up that specializes in informational interpretation software development and unique IR techniques. He also manages the blog, Arheliean. You can follow him on Twitter, @RealOnanel. If you're rich and want to invest in Hexagon Lavish®, then do so.

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