The Interpretation of a Theory

**This was originally “tweeted” on August 23rd, 2012** A theory is a formal description of nature (meaning, a mathematical frame set with a link to lab stuff) which can make predictions of observations. Verification of these predictions are made through the trials of experiments and comparing what the theory says about its outcomes and whatContinue reading “The Interpretation of a Theory”


I, for one, was not all that thrilled about the landing of Curiosity on the Red Planet (of course it’s “red” due to a teensy amount of oxygen) last month nor am I ecstatic about NASA’s plans to send yet another robot to Mars for “drilling” purportedly in 2016. I, especially, object to the ideaContinue reading “M A R S”

Re-examining Scientific “Expertise” and the Purpose of Peer Review

There’s a quote from the book, Rethinking Expertise: “…people who have this kind of expertise share some of the tacit knowledge of the communities of practitioners while still not having the full set of skills that would allow them to make original contributions to the field…” For most practicing scientists [and engineers], they tend toContinue reading “Re-examining Scientific “Expertise” and the Purpose of Peer Review”


Man, I wish I had a “dream job” of working for a highly-profitable company so I can have a fat bank account–and the reason why is so that when the day comes for me to retire I’ll be able to use the money I have in that fat bank account to fund my own researchContinue reading “A P P R O A C H”