Have you ever heard of the term, “random number“? What exactly is a “random number”? Can 6 be a “random number”? Is there some sort of an “order” to these “random numbers”? By “order”, I’m referring to the relation by which 4 is < (less than) 5. Don’t confuse that with magnitude, which is theContinue reading “R A N D O M”

Thinking Critically….

You know, growing up as a kid back in the ’80s, it was cute to be a child and get excited whenever some “discovery” came about from the scientific community…but when I became an adult, I had to think critically about subject matter that was presented before me. If I can think critically, why can’tContinue reading “Thinking Critically….”

Talking Tech

Not all technological progress is beneficial from a standpoint of employment. If you want to examine something just look at the United States in the first fifty years in the 20th century. Most technology resulted in massive job losses that ultimately became a factor in the Great Depression. There was nowhere for the excess laborContinue reading “Talking Tech”